On Seeing Pope Francis

The message below was delivered by Ryan Natimdim (6C) during the GS General Assembly last 26 January 2015.

Good morning! I am here to talk about seeing Pope Francis, and I admit that it wasn’t easy.

Our first attempt to see Pope Francis was at Villamor Air Base when he came back from Leyte. Due to the traffic, we resorted to walking 3km. We had to walk fast because the Pope would arrive soon. When we reached Villamor, it was crowded, so we couldn’t go to the front, and Pope was in his small car, so we ended up not seeing him.

We tried to see him again at UST. We woke up at 1:30 am and fell in line. When the gates opened, it became harsh and so crowded and I felt stuck and helpless. They were also letting people in one by one, so the progress was slow. When we finally got in, we had trouble finding a decent spot to see Pope Francis. When the Pope finally came after 8 hours of waiting, the people started freaking out and videoing the Pope. I was able to see the Pope because I was sitting on my dad’s shoulders. He was in the pope mobile, so I had a clear view of him. He smiled and waved at the people, and his smile was real, not a fake one. I waved at him, and I think he might have waved back at me.

This experience taught me about people sacrificing for their faith and leaving the comforts of home. This also taught me how much the Filipino people care about seeing the Pope, especially because he’s really generous and cares for the poor. After seeing Pope Francis, I want to be more like him. I want to be more compassionate, especially to the less fortunate people around us. I want to try to use gadgets more responsibly. I want to be more like Pope in every way. This is my experience of seeing Pope Francis. Thank you.


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