XS San Juan: Death Notice

Pres. Ofc letterhead

Date: 7 February 2015

To: The Xavier School Community

From: Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ

Re: Death Notice

On behalf of the Xavier School community, I would like to express profound sadness upon receiving news today of the deaths of:

John Louis Tan Hsieh, G7I
Jeffrey Louis Tan Hsieh, G9D

along with their elder sister Amanda, and parents, Luis and Roxsanna.

Jeff and John were XS Senior Scouts.

Jeff’s class has closed their fair booth in order to properly mourn his passing.

At this difficult time, let us respect the privacy of the extended family. Wake and funeral details are not yet available.

As one community, let us pray for the eternal repose of their souls. May they rest in peace.

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7 thoughts on “XS San Juan: Death Notice

  1. Susie Blanco

    As a Mom, I cried and could not sleep.. These two boys were with my son in last year’s Xiamen Study tour. They will be missed dearly. Our prayers to the family


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