ExciTED to Define (X)

photo taken from Mrs Tracy Rotarta

Father Pierre Tritz institute – ERDA Tech has been given an opportunity again to be inspired and to learn from motivational speakers through the annual TEDx event hosted by Xavier School – San juan. On Its fourth year of TEDx, fourteen students across year levels were chosen from ERDA Tech to participate in the said talk.

TEDx was held last 31st of January in Xavier School with the theme Define X. The event was graced by notable speakers from different fields of the industry — from a public high school teacher to an advocate, a pure energetic performer to the Miss World. The speakers surely left a mark and a lot of tweetable quotes were gathered from them.

The speakers, as compared to the previous TEDx events in Xavier, have leveled up. They had Ethan Chua, Tim Humangit, Delfin Villafuerte, Gary Valenciano and Megan Young. All were able to share what they know and what they have to define their X. Hoping that the participants who were there were also able to define their own X after that talk.

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