Living the Ignatian Spirit to the Fullest

by Dominique ilagan, ET Pen Pushers Guild
photo taken from Xavier School Website

Father Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech is a new member of the Jesuit Basic Education Commission (JBEC) and in line with this, Father Gonzales of the Ateneo De Manila University planned and organized their first major event, the Ignatian Youth Camp. The camp was held last 13 to 17 of January, this year, all appropriate for the coming of Pope Francis.

The camp was designed for students to get to know a lot of people, gain new friends, and definitely apart from that is to deepen their relationship and faith to God. And once they have done this, they could easily share their own understandings and culture as well to the people they encounter. The delegates came from all Jesuit schools in the Philippines.

The students were grouped into four houses – Faure, Jorge, Javier and Ignacio. Each house was composed of four more groups. The delegates have been scattered in order for them to make new friends with other students from other schools.

On the first day of the camp, a concert happened in the evening hosted by the famous Ateneo Volleyball superstar, Gretchen Ho. The concert was said to be a talent showcase since each school had prepared production numbers that showed how talented the students are.

The second day came and two of the houses, Jorge and Javier had a trip to Cavite while the other two were left at the school premises and participated in an Amazing Race. They were again scattered all over for them to have more time and a better chance to get to know each other. The following day had the same acitivity but with different houses already. Those who were in school had their trip while the others played the game.

Those who were also left had the chance to enhance their performing skills as they had been given a talent workshop for the concert held during the last day of the camp. The concert was full of talented students, musicians and dancers. The event was graced by the famous band Itchyworms who were composed of alumni of Ateneo.

The last day of camp was considered a day of honor, the time to say goodbye. The time of the interaction was almost over. This might be the end for some but for most of us who attended, this is just the beginning — the start of friendships with the people we met and of course, we should not also forget the main objective of the camp  – that we learned how important faith is. God has gathered all the youth for us to worship Him and thank him. We shall not take that for granted.

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