Prayer, Practice, and Puso

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Guevarra, Parents of Kyle Guevarra
Gr. 2 student Kyle Guevarra in action. Photo by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Guevarra

Lawrence Kyle Guevarra is a grade 2 student who has been winning medals in Taekwondo for Xavier School Nuvali. He currently has nine medals. He started learning Taekwondo at the age of six, and he is now showing that he has the makings of a true champion.

When asked about his secret in winning, he says three important things are needed: Prayer, Practice, and Puso. “Prayer so that God will guide you. Practice so that you can be good in what you are doing. Lastly, Puso so that you can be brave to face any opponent.”

With these principles in his heart, we believe that Kyle will win more medals in Taekwondo for his school and in the future for his country.

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