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by Raven Ferry, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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Perhaps, one may think that in order to understand a word is by using a reference such as a dictionary. Let’s take the powerful word love to the test. According to the Merriam-Webster and Garfield dictionary (with free comics) of 1999, love is primarily a strong affection, secondly a warm attachment; attraction based on sexual desire (not child-friendly, I guess); a beloved person; unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for others, and lastly, a score of zero in tennis.

Okay, the last one was weird.

Let’s take the first definition: a strong affection. We won’t do it like in illogical poetry learning in most schools where the English teacher cuts each line to understand where in fact they should interpret it as a whole. A strong affection, a feeling both primitive and modern in the sense it is in an extreme basis of the tender attachment to a fellow individual that can also be perceived to other species (Yes. Like saying: “I love my pet donkey”). So technically, it is more on the will of being with and being together with someone that excites the hormones to say that we are happy and joyful to be with this person which can also add the word, romance.

Secondly, love is a warm attachment. It is very close to the first definition, but it clearly focuses more that it is not in an extreme basis but on a soothing and relaxing moment with the person wherein the feeling or emotion of will to be beside the other person. (Imagine the definition with your pet donkey).

Next is when a person agrees with the third definition, saying that love is an attraction based on sexual desire (This part might cause the school to reject this work). Well, again, not in a chop-chop way, we shall interpret this phrase. Taking it not so literally, love here is more on the rising of sexual hormones to tell the body of such pleasing and attractive aspects of another individual where the lover feels the sensation to fulfill and satisfy the brain-control of the body, movements, voice, intellectual basis (Well this rarely occurs), thinking and other aspects like material possession (Really? Don’t worry, I’m not sure, myself).

Now focusing on a noun specifically for the individual, love is the beloved person. Yes, kiddos and grandpas with grandmas; love is accepted to be your calling to one another. Love here is the individual which you claim to feel the emotion of the past three and the next definition for.

However, what is love if there is only affection, attachment and desire if there aren’t any of the following: unselfish loyalty and benevolent concern for others? Now, we have to cut this one because there are two general ideas being claimed together. Unselfish loyalty is supported by the faithfulness or trust to one. The act of patience and holding back shows how one can wait and can show true feelings and patriotism to the partner (Unless, you two aren’t together. *OUCH*). Well, I think we’re getting to the point of true love (with floating hearts around and sparkling lights). And, love is not unselfishly loyal if it isn’t mixed with benevolent concern. It is where the lover becomes a charitable institution who doesn’t get money from donors but gets it from his own hard work and sweat. Additionally, the concern for the other one shows the self-sacrificing attention of the lover to him/her.

Finally, love is a score of zero in tennis. Of course it is! I don’t really know why the rule makers of tennis chose this word above all candidates like none, empty, dull, hollow, bare, blank, vacant, free and clear (Whatever).

Well, these interpretations only show of how you feel for another individual and not for many people. That means, no cheating and multi-partnership (LOVE IS NO BUSINESS!). Alas, well, love is no joke, but I think the best way to say you love someone, is when you pay no mind about who, what and where they are. It is to accept the person with no boundaries and do all you can for the betterment of your love and for the togetherness you two share.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ya’ll.

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