Hashtag Forever

by Katrin Fernandez, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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Time flies, people change! As we all say, change is the only permanent thing in this world and I think the ever trending topic “forever” came from this idea. In every social medium, especially Facebook, forever is something that teenagers debate about, whether there is forever or it doesn’t exist. Teenagers nowadays have been involved in different relationships and those who ended up broken blame forever for what happened. The question is: does forever measure how we are loved by someone and how we love in return?

Every moment of our lives we make decisions. We struggle choosing the right one between our choices because we have uncertainties; we are full of “what ifs.” If you ask me, this is the time where forever comes in. Most people need something to hold on to especially in a relationship, and forever is that something. True, it is sweet to hear from someone that he will love you forever. Who doesn’t want to have an everlasting love? But forever is a heavy word to use to express our affection towards our partner. No one knows what happens after life here on earth. I asked one of my classmates if she believes in forever? And she proudly said, “There is no forever but there is a lifetime. Forever love is something that only God can give”.

I asked my other classmates the same question and one said “There is forever.”  According to him, he sees himself and his girlfriend having children and leaving this earth together, even in the afterlife they will be together. I am not against with his words. It is wonderful to know that this couple has plans for their future. But as we move on with our lives, something changes. Loving someone is a daily decision. When the time comes to choose, it’s doubtful that our choice would be realistic. Choose the thing that can be achieved and will not hurt somebody.  Most of all don’t promise anything to anyone if it’s unattainable.

Actions are better than words. Let us show our love to someone every day and assess whether it’s really what we feel or it’s only just the result of pressure. In love, we don’t always rely on our emotions, sometimes we need to have the gift of right judgment to know if it’s still right or wrong. Let us change forever to something better which is lifetime. Happy Valentine’s to all!

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