He Said, She Said: Understanding Each Other

by Karl Acuna and Rachel Candoy, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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The only way of knowing one’s true feelings is through communicating. Of course, we will never know what’s real if that thing didn’t come from that person. In our life, communication is the most important thing that you need. Lack of communication in our life might be the reason for changes.

QUESTION: What do guys don’t understand about women?

He: I believe communication is the most important thing in a relationship, right? But there is something that I really don’t understand about women. And that is when they say the opposite of what they mean. Why don’t you just say the truth?

She: It’s true that communication is one of the important things in whatever type of relationship we have. Women are always mistaken for complicating things and blurring the lines, but most of the time, we just want the person to realize whatever he or she has done

He: It could be an “eye-opener” but what is wrong with saying what you really feel? If that will make your relationship stronger?

She: Sometimes, you don’t leave puzzles just to confuse people. Sometimes, you do it to see who truly cares for you and would stay long enough to understand what you really mean.

He: I want to be honest with you. Ladies are unexplainable. Why? Let me give you an example. In the morning, you are happy… but as time goes by, you become bothered by something and you become sad or irritated. To make it short, you are moody.

She: I honestly don’t understand why guys can’t be sensitive enough to notice the change in a woman’s mood. Most of the time, it becomes the root of their misunderstandings.

He: Since we already talked about mood swings, I’ve read a study that the brain of a lady is wired differently compared to us men.

She: Indeed. Maybe that’s why they won’t usually meet at the same point and their perspectives are highly impossible to be the same. Could this be the reason of their usual misunderstandings?

He: Yes. I can say that even if we are already in a relationship, we still have different perspectives. Let me give you an example. Suppose that both of you are dating and of course, you will ask her what food she wants to eat. Her typical – play safe answer is “anything” or “whatever you want”. This is the common misunderstanding of those who are in a relationship. They tend forcing each other to do something that they really don’t want to do.

She: For me, it’s more of a test if the guy really knows you, not forcing him to make decisions on his own. You are dating. Of course she expects you to know little facts about her, such as her favorites. You guys are in a relationship but you guys are still different individuals with different point of views in things. It’s not like we came from a different dimension. we are sheltered by the same sky and we are breathing the same air.

He: I can really say that we, guys, are insensitive.

She: It’s not like we’re putting all the blame on men. It’s not always the guy’s fault and never the girl’s. I just can’t understand why you guys, despite knowing the fact that girls are extremely sensitive, continue your insensitive way of living.

He: We, guys, do have emotions too. But the problem is that our brains have difficulties when it comes to identifying others’ emotions or showing our very own emotions.

She: At the end of the day, no matter how big or small the misunderstanding is, what matters is both are trying their best to make it out, to reconcile and prove that their love would always be bigger than the misunderstanding they have.

It doesn’t really matter if she likes pink and you like blue or you like action movies while she cries her heart out because of the romantic movie she watched. There would always be a way of figuring each other out if you truly care about that one person.

To end this, we all should understand each other’s feelings not because we should, but because we need to. In a relationship, we, guys should have the initiative to be the first one to solve the problem. Problems are there to make the relationship stronger. If you truly love someone, you will do anything even if it will hurt you.

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