How do I Un-Love You?

by isabelle Santos, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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Do you have someone you love? Someone that you’ve decided to let go but don’t know how? It would be very difficult to unlove someone. It could even be impossible because whatever you do, a mark from that love you had will always remain. However, you can move on and let go just by doing these little things:

Avoid contact.

Avoiding contact with that person may be hard to do especially if you’re classmates, neighbors, or you see each other almost everyday. This step would save you from awkward moments and conversations. If you don’t see him/her, there’s a possibility of you not thinking about that person.

Keep him/her out of your thoughts.

Don’t think about him/her! Thinking about that person makes it harder to let go; it makes you want to go back to the time you spent loving.

Stay occupied.

Instead of just lying around doing nothing, why don’t you start doing things that are productive? Start exercising! Immerse yourself in arts and your creative imagination! Don’t be so hung up on that person. Keeping yourself occupied keeps your mind off of those certain things. So stay busy!

Don’t look back.

Let’s be honest- each and everyone of us has succumbed to the temptation to look at our past’s current status. If you’ve done that, it means that you’re still holding on. A part of you is still hoping to get back with that person. Still hoping that, he/she wants to be with you. Crush the feeling of wanting to check on him, save yourself from unnecessary pain and continue moving on.

List some cons.

Think of the shortcomings, the flaws of that person. What things did he/she not do right? What could he/she not do? Did that person do things you didn’t like? Smoke? Drink? Snore? How about attitude? Was he/she conceited? A coward? Rude? Also list the fact that, he/she doesn’t love you the same.

Someone new.

Set that person aside. Think – maybe you weren’t meant for each other. What if there was someone out there who was meant for you? Just waiting for the time you meet him/her or the time you noticed.

Remember, trying to get over and unlove a person you love may be possible. However, don’t think and speak too negatively of that person, it causes you to be bitter. Love and be confident about yourself. Hang out, party, meet with friends, basically just move on with your life and wait until the real person who’ll complete you would come.

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