Is She the ONE?

by Erwin Lucio, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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All of us have been in love. Based on my observation, we tend to fall in love with someone we always hang out with. But let’s face it. It’s hard to expect. Anyway, here are the signs to look for to know if she’s “THE ONE”

  1. She always makes you laugh. Based on studies, most people get attracted to someone who has a good sense of humor. Plus, we all like to spend time with people that make us really happy.
  2. You see her everywhere. Once you experience true love, it would seem like almost every little thing will remind you of her. Those cheesy love songs on the radio, couples around the corner, your common interests, and every single romantic thing will always remind you of your gal.
  3. She is your priority.  Love is all about making sacrifices. But if your love is true, you won’t even hesitate to make one.
  4. She is very nice. We can’t be in love with someone rude. But a very nice girl is always a major turn on for us.
  5. She trusts in you and vice versa. One of the main foundations of a good relationship is trust. It takes a long time to gain it, a second to lose it.
  6. There is very minimal drama (or none at all). Every couple experiences conflicts. Especially jealousy. But if she’s “the one”, you always make it a point that she won’t get offended with every word you say.
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