One True Love

by Naomi Linga, ET Pen Pushers Guild
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It’s the month of February; do you have your date? Your partner? Or are you alone?
To those who have their partners, have you experienced True Love? Do you know the essence of True Love? Have you asked yourself if you’ve already found the one? If you have, what was your basis? Have you asked yourself if love is forever or not?
I do believe that there is forever in God’s Love but to us, there is just a Lifetime…

If you desire someone, that’s not love.
If you feel lust for someone, that’s not love.
If you don’t give for your love, that’s not love.
If you don’t fight for your feelings for each other, there is no love.

In loving someone there are lots of nots!
It has been said that Love is not:

Not Only Positive Feelings
~ in love there is always limits in expressing one’s love, and there is a negative feeling.

Not Always Saying “YES”
 ~ It’s not always saying “yes” to the things that they want and desires, instead saying no to them shows you really want to give them the right destiny and how you really love them by setting some boundaries.

Not Defensive
~ it’s about encouraging them for the good things.

Not Self-Seeking
~ you don’t love for yourself rather you show and should love someone, not only you.

Not Manipulation
~ one does not control someone’s fate and way of life.

Have you seen these listed nots in someone you love or yourself?
If you do, pack your things because I am telling you this once, IT’S NOT TRUE LOVE.
True Love is something that allows you to show how you really love them without regrets, without hesitations, without doubts.
True Love is when you’ve felt pain because you sacrificed, because you suffered, and because you did the right thing.
True Love is giving them your trust and faith. Loving them with all your heart.
Love is indeed cruel, it hurts everybody, it gives pain to someone who has never felt pain before, it gives failure to those who are heartbroken, it gives sorrows when something you do not expect to happen happens. Everyone is going crazy with love.
But, from these painful feelings we learn to forgive, we learn to stand up, we learn to give chance for the others, we learn to love someone who is capable of loving us, we learn to be happy, we learn to enjoy our life to its finest.
We Learn to LOVE them TRULY.


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