Pouring Rain

by Naomi Linga, ET Pen Pushers Guild
photo taken from http://www.radiolaurier.com/

I’ve been longing for some love,
Love that I could never have,
Love that no one near me could give me,
but someone who is far away from me.

Day by Day my urge increases,
and my heart breaks into pieces
knowing that everything is impossible
and no one is even capable.

One sunny morning made me alive
not because I saw a big beehive
but because I know I saw him
yet the surroundings were partly dim.

I never lose hope with this distance
and I never cried in an instance,
because someday I’ll be with him
and that someday I’ll enjoy and beam

The right time and place is near
and I can feel that he is here
I’m ready to give up myself
And he is ready to give up his shelf.

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