XS San Juan HSPO: Grade 8 (Incoming G9, SY 15-16) Parents’ Orientation re: One 2 One Program on March 2, Monday, 8:00 A.M.


26 February 2015

Dear Grade 8 Parents (Incoming Grade 9, SY 15-16),


In line with the school’s thrust of exploring the use of technology for learning, we would like to announce that the One2One program will continue to be implemented in the coming school year (S.Y. 2015-2016) for the incoming Grade 9 batch. Through giving each student access to technology, we hope to open doors to resources and opportunities to make learning more engaging, authentic and meaningful.

The incoming grade 9 students will be asked to bring an Apple iPad each to school. After careful study of your sons’ school needs vis-a-vis the most cost effective model, the school recommends the iPad Air2 32gb WiFi. This model has been identified because of its sufficient storage, capabilities and availability in the market. However, those who have existing iPads may opt to use any iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air or iPad mini models (3G or 4G models included, although the 3G or 4G functionality will not be allowed in school so as to avoid access to unmanaged networks). Despite the wide range of iPad models, we have found that any of the units listed above will be sufficient for your son’s school needs. In addition, your sons will also be required to bring an external keyboard and to provide a proper iPad case to protect the device.

The iPad will serve as your son’s main learning tool.  Through this device, he will be given access to the Internet and to other resources through the school’s wireless network.  This will also serve as his personal organizer, allowing him to keep track of his files, tasks and schedules.  At the same time, it will also contain most of his reading materials so that he may conveniently read and annotate them as he studies. Please also note that a number of his school projects will be produced through this device.

At this point, please note that there are three (3) possible options for purchasing your unit. As with last year’s One2One program, you may opt to:

  1. purchase your own unit or use an existing one (as long as it is any iPad mini or iPad(4th Generation) and above model),
  2. rent through the school with an annual fee of P8,000 or
  3. purchase through the school’s designated partner during enrollment period (with a discounted rate)

A compulsory insurance fee will also be asked for, in order to protect your investment in case of damage due to accidents or theft. The details will be discussed during the orientation.

Past experience shows that setting expectations about the unit, clarifying policies of the school about it and walking the users (and their parents) through how to use the gadget averted many possible problems.  It is in this light that, we invite you to an orientation on MONDAY, 02 MARCH 2015, from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M., at the Lecture Hall, in order to further discuss the details of next school year’s One2One program. Your active partnership and supervision is crucial to the success of the program.

For more information, please contact Mr. Galvin Ngo of the Operation NExT Office at 723-0485 loc. 463, or through email at galvinlngo@xs.edu.ph.

Luceat Lux!

Ms. Aimee Apolinario

High School Principal


Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J.

School President

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