XS San Juan: 2015 Summer Sports Program

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02 March 2015

The Athletics and Physical Education of Xavier (APEX) announces its Summer Sports Program for 2015!

Get your kids into sports this summer! It will be a great opportunity for them to learn a new sport, improve on their fitness levels, and develop self-confidence and character.

The program offerings were properly planned so that enrollees enjoy not only the various facilities, but also the chance to be handled by good and competent coaches. Please click the attachment below for the list of programs, schedules, and coaches.

All courses are also open to non-Xaverians, boys and girls. Please note that the following terms and conditions shall apply to all courses:

  • All classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of enrollees is not reached.
  • No transfer or refund shall be allowed after the 2nd session has transpired.
  • Attendance is the responsibility of the enrollee or his/her parents. No make-up sessions shall be permitted except when the school cancels classes/activities.
  • For security purposes, a summer sports program ID pass will be issued. Upon enrollment, the cashier will issue the pass. You are expected to fill-up all details needed and affix picture of the student and the fetcher/s. A photocopy of which must be submitted to the instructors on the first day.
  • Enrollees who wish to enroll for the next module are requested to present the ID pass for revalidation.

Enrollment for the summer sports program starts on March 2. Please click the attachment below for the registration form. You may secure additional registration forms from the Cashier’s office.

Have a fruitful and fun-filled summer break. Thank you very much.

clubs summer 2015 list
clubs summer 2015 registration form

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