February 17, 2015: A Day to RememBAAAHH!

by Jerry Feng (G10D) and Sigmund Sy (G10G)
Photos by Jeremiah Pua (H4F), Jayke Fajardo (G10D), and Jerry Feng (10G)

The Chinese New Year, which falls on the first day of the first month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, is a traditional holiday of the Chinese people all around the world. It was also made a public holiday in the Philippines a few years back. Xavier School, as a community that inherits the Chinese-Filipino culture, also makes it a tradition to celebrate this annual festival. 

This year, the first day of the Lunar calendar falls on the 19th of February of our Gregorian Calendar, and on February 17, 2015, the entire Xavier community celebrated the Chinese New Year, or 春节.

The Xavier community started the day with a Mass in the Chinese language. As soon as the Mass ended, everyone proceeded to their assigned venues for a better view of the performances at the quadrangle.


The Chinese Spring Festival celebration started off with a joyful song, “Zui Xuan Min Zu Feng,” performed by Ms. Li and Mr. Guo of the Chinese department, as well as Jerry Feng and Robin Yu of Grade 10.

The atmosphere of the celebration was further enhanced by an enticing performance from the dragons and lions of Xavier.


Students from Grades 1 to 3 brought some really entertaining dance numbers. Their dance numbers may have been simple, but they truly amazed the crowd in their own little ways.


Another highlight of the program was the XCE 2014 participants who came back from three different places of China bringing along with them brand new talents and songs which they learned from this school year’s Xavier China Experience. Grade 8 XCE Fujian performed three different sets of Wushu, followed by their dance number.

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Up next, were the H4 and G10 XCE dance numbers. They danced to “Ni Shi Wo De Hua Duo” and “Xiao Ping Guo,” respectively. Accompanying both dance numbers was the 2015 XS Singing Ensemble and the band, R16.


Last but not the least, Xavier’s very own Dance X shared their talent by dancing along with the volunteer dancers of each year level’s representatives from High School.

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By the end of the program, the audience was happy to see many amazing performances brought to them by the students while the performers were truly happy for a successful celebration!


每年的农历一月一号,是一个全球华人共同瞩目的日子 ,这一天是中国的传统节日-春节。春节,在几年前也被菲律宾政府列为公共假日。光启学校,一所继承了中菲两国传统的华人学校,每年和所有华人一样,也庆祝这个中国的传统节日。



春节庆典节目演出,最先响彻全场的一首气氛活跃的歌曲- “最炫民族风”,是由中文部的李老师和郭老师,以及十年级的李丕民和冯立原同学演唱的。



之后是不久前刚从福建、云南和北京三个地方回来的XCE学生们的精彩表演,他们为观众朋友们展示这次去中国学到的武术和舞蹈。 XCE福建参与者们带给了大家三个不同的武术表演,然后奉献给观众们一个“中国话”的歌舞表演。XCE北京和云南参与者们先后表演了“你是我的花朵”和“小苹果”歌伴舞。歌唱者们是 “Singing Ensemble” 的成员,乐器表演者是 “R16” 乐队的成员。

最后出场的,就是以 “Dance X” 为首的各个年级的舞蹈精英们。


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