The Grade 2 Field Trip: A Joyous Ride

by Ms. Angela Dianne M. Agustin, Grade 2 BASICS teacher
Photos taken by the Grade 2 teachers

As the school year was coming to its end and everyone was in haste fixing schedules and studying for an onslaught of quizzes, the fieldtrip was definitely what both Grade 2 teachers and students needed. From the moment the circular was given to the students, they were all giddy with anticipation and looking forward to a new experience. Fast forward to the day itself, February 20, 2015, majority of the students arrived early to school with big smiles on their faces.

At around 7:00 am, happy giggles were already all around as the students made their way to their respective buses and settled down with their buddies. The buses slowly moved to start and the prayer led by the class adviser signaled the beginning of the trip.

The first stop was Museo Pambata wherein the students moved from room to room with different themes. Before leaving each room, the students were asked to sit down quietly and listen to the tour guide’s explanations about the displays. There was a room fashioned for knowing local stories and authors, while another was like a human body and the students could only enter through a very big mouth. There was also a place for native materials, and a room which taught students how to conserve resources and take care of the environment. There were a lot more rooms but the marketplace-themed room was definitely a favorite. It was where the students were allowed to run from one kiosk to another, and to act as if they were fruit and fish vendors, or cooks in a Carinderia¸ while others opted to be a fireman or a barber.

The second of the three stops was in Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Children’s Road Safety Park. In this place, the students were taught by the MMDA officers the different traffic signs and how to follow them. The students were also given a chance to walk around the whole park experiencing and following the major and common traffic signs. They were shown a roundabout, traffic lights, and even a small overpass perfect for the students.

After the students were given time to eat lunch and to rest, the buses arrived at the third and last stop, the Philippine Air Force Aerospace Museum. With renewed energy, the students squealed in delight as they laid eyes on the real aircrafts all around the place. They first went inside the museum where uniforms, portraits, dioramas, miniatures, and even weapons of PAF were showcased. After that, they went out to the Aircraft Park where real and historical aircrafts were displayed and the students were even allowed to board some of them. Given the beautiful scene of aircrafts, the teachers also took this opportunity to have class pictures.

As the buses left the PAF Aerospace Museum, a number of students fell asleep which, upon arrival in Xavier School, led to wacky moments of their classmates waking them up. Before dismissal, class advisers asked students to share about their favorite places and evaluate their experience.

At the end of the day, the students and the teachers alike were already very tired. However, it was clear to see that though our energies were almost empty, our hearts were so full of joy not just because of the places we visited but because we were blessed with so much happiness, safety, and camaraderie with all the time we had spent together during the trip.

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