Holy Thursday Retreat: Silence of Stones

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This is your time for God and for yourself – a rare luxury given our busy and frantic lives. Be generous with God, and don’t shortchange yourself.

It’s our 8th “Pins of Light” Holy Week retreat!

For those of you who have joined us before, welcome back!
We hope the Lord will use this retreat
to touch you and give you something you need!

For the newcomers, a warm welcome to you!
as you join our online community of retreatants!
We’re glad you found us!

If you’re here, you must be looking for something this Lent.
But also: God must be looking for you, too.
Here’s hoping that aside from what you’re looking for,
you will find what God wants to offer you this Holy Week.

For the rest of the Thursday retreat, please click here.

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