Good Friday Retreat: Absence of Angels

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Sometimes it is the memory of ourselves being forgiven that will make possible our forgiving others.

Welcome back to our online retreat!

Yesterday we focused our attention
on the first temptation in the desert.
We saw how, though, he refused to do it in the desert,
our Lord did, in fact, turn stone into bread
in a way the devil neither expected nor desired!

The way our Lord reached out to Judas, his betrayer,
the way he refused to fight back during his arrest,
and the way he consistently tried to treat his enemies with love –
our Lord taught us to “drop the stone”
and “feed the mouths that bite him.”

To begin our second day,
we will contemplate a scene
that’s not found in the Gospels.

When we pray using Scripture,
we are invited to use our imagination
to enter more deeply into its characters
and stories.

For the rest of the Good Friday retreat, click here.

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