Just A Boxing Match

by Ethan Chua (incoming H4)
photo from the internet

When the fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather was first announced as official, it didn’t take long for people to start touting it as a battle of ideals. A Filipino hero – devout Christian, philanthropist, politician – was going to battle an American boxing icon – moneymaker, wife-beater, trash–talker. And I’ll admit that with all the excitement and with all the hype, I started seeing the match this way too. It was, supposedly, going to be a colossal battle of right versus wrong – and I wanted right to win so badly, preferably in the form of a legendary knockout. When the scores came out and the decision was announced, I was sorely disappointed.

But we made a mistake in forgetting that Pacquiao vs. Mayweather was just a boxing match. When we started talking about this as a battle between good and evil – between a national hero and a moneymaking businessman, between a Congressman and a wife-beater – we started forgetting that sports are never about good vs. evil. They’re about who’s better at the sport, – nothing else.

Does national pride or philanthropy make Pacquiao’s punches stronger? Does an alleged criminal record or a lack of love for boxing somehow debilitate Mayweather’s jabs? Nope.

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