XS San Juan GSPO: Grades 3456 First Week Reminders

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08 June 2015

Dear Parents of Grades 3 – 6 Students,

Welcome to school year 2015-2016! Please take note of the following to ensure that your son will be ready for the first week of classes and the rest of the school year:

  1. The regular schedule of classes will begin on 10 June, Wednesday. Various orientation sessions in the different subject areas have been scheduled in the first cycle to familiarize the students with the routines and expectations for the year. The Class Adviser and the Subject Teachers will announce to your son what school items need to be brought to school per day.
  1. School materials should be labeled properly with your son’s name, grade and section, and class number. Please label ALL your sons belongings to train him how to be responsible for his things.   Note that a green slip may be issued to students who habitually misplace and/or lose their things.
  1. Make the necessary provision for your son’s snacks and lunch. Students may bring their own food for recess and lunch, or they may avail of the canteen service for these meals. Payment for the merienda/lunch service should be given directly to the Accounting Office. Students are not allowed to bring junk food and carbonated drinks.
  1. PE classes will be held starting 10 June, Wednesday. Please refer to your son’s class schedule for your son’s PE classes. On scheduled PE days, students are expected to come to school wearing their PE uniform already. Students are required to change into a clean t-shirt (plain white shirt or an extra PE shirt) after their PE class.
  1. Prepare a Grooming Kit (plastic envelope, ecobag or cloth pouch) with the following items:
  • plain white shirt
  • pair of khaki pants/shorts
  • pair of white socks
  • underwear
  • face towel
  • plastic for wet / soiled clothes

*The kit should be brought to school everyday, and checked and replenished regularly.

  1. Check the website (xs.edu.ph) and your email daily for important announcements. For today, hard copies of the following were given out:
  • Class Schedule (Please duplicate this and keep one at home for easy reference.)
  • Student Information Sheet: Please fill this out and return to your son’s Class Adviser on or before 15 June, Monday.

For more information on the Locker Use Guidelines, Dismissal Schedule, the 7-Day Cycle, the School Calendar, and other important dates, please refer to this printable document: 01 G3-6 FIRST LTP

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you.


Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho
Grade School Principal

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