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11 June 2015


Dear Grade School Parents,

Greetings! By their very nature, natural calamities are unpredictable and can happen anytime, anywhere. The one thing that is within our influence as far as emergencies are concerned is our level of preparedness. In school, we periodically have fire and earthquake drills to ensure that students are aware of what they are supposed to do and where they are supposed to go in case of such emergencies.

This school year, we are adding another layer of preparedness by requiring each student to have a Grab Bag, which serves as a head cover during evacuation and also as a kit with emergency supplies. As you already know, the Grab Bag contains a flashlight, first aid kit, whistle, garbage bag, and a bandana. Parents are requested to complete the bag by putting the following perishable items inside a small plastic bag which, in turn, should be placed inside the bag:

  • energy bar
  • 6 pieces of hard candy
  • bottled water (350 ml)

The Grab Bag will be attached to your son’s table and is NOT meant to be brought home everyday. Note, however, that the kit will be sent home prior to the semestral break so that the perishable items can be replaced by new ones.

Please ensure that your son’s Grab Bag is complete – that is, with perishable items included already – and brought to school on or before:

  • Kinder and Grade 1 – June 17, Wednesday
  • Grades 3, 4, 5, 6 – June 15, Monday
  • Grade 2 – already brought to school on June 11, 2015

Thank you for your cooperation.


Respectfully yours,


Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho

Grade School Principal

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4 thoughts on “XS San Juan GSPO: Grab Bag

  1. jeanne chua

    I’m actually more concern on fire… Please consider the Emergency smoke mask, in case of fire or situation where there’s thick smoke..this will be helpful. Thank you.

  2. Jorel Montoya

    Hello Sir/Mam, you might want to include a scissor in the bag. I noticed this when i inspected the contents of the bag, it has bandages and gauze but nothing to cut it with. Hope this helps. Thank you


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