The Two Wolves

The following homily was delivered by school president, Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ, during the Mass of the Holy Spirit 2015.

Some of you may have seen the latest Disney movie, Tomorrowland, this past week. It is about a pin that magically transports Casey Newton to Tomorrowland, a world she must understand so she can change it for the better.  Casey is by nature a positive thinker, so even if she has a very big task ahead of her, she is full of curiosity to find out what she must do to change the world.

In a moment of reflection, Casey remembers a conversation she had with her father. They once talked about an ancient Indian story, which says that “There are two wolves always fighting. Darkness and despair, and light and hope.  Which one wins?”  To which the answer is, “The one you feed.”

So I ask you today, which wolf are you going to feed this school year? Darkness and despair, or light and hope?  Both these wolves are inside of you. They are like good spirits and bad spirits, and as the Indian tale goes, it is the one you feed that will grow and win.

Make no mistake about it, the two wolves are not friends. They are fighting for your attention! One wolf is evil–he is fear, anger, laziness, regret,   arrogance, self-pity, guilt, lies, bullying!  The other is good—he is discipline, peace, sharing, kindness, friendship, generosity, truth, and faith.

At the beginning of the academic year, we have gathered to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit throughout the year. We are praying that each one of us here will feed the good wolf inside us, because that is the Holy Spirit trying to lead us towards what is good, towards competence, conscience, character, culture, compassion, and community.

This year, we want to emphasize the importance of grit and resilience for each one of you to succeed in your studies. You can do it! We want to see you doing things for yourselves rather than relying so much on others. We want you to learn from your mistakes and become better students, better sons, better friends to each other, better Chinese Filipinos.

In Tomorrowland, Casey said, “I did it myself because I got tired of waiting for someone to do it for me.” It is my hope that by calling on the help of the Holy Spirit, each one of you will do things for yourself and be responsible for your education. The film ends with a quest to find more Dreamers, people who will help build a newer and better tomorrow. May you all be Dreamers, because our country needs you!

Xavier San Juan Grade School


Xavier San Juan High School (photos by Jerry Feng (Gr11H), XS Media Team)


Xavier Nuvali (photos by Gyuri Cruz, Gr10A)


Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech (photos from the FPTI-ERDA Tech Facebook page)

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