XS San Juan HSPO: XELECT – Work Electives Courses, 1st Sem, SY 15-16


Dear G9 ABCDE and G10ABCDE Parents and Students,

As we have mentioned in our letter regarding Grade 9 and Grade 10 XELECT, please see below the XELECT: WORK ELECTIVES COURSES for the First Semester, SY 15-16: 

Animation Mr. Edwin Guillermo Animation Edwin Guillermo
Graphic Design Mr. Alessandro Benjamin De Ocampo Introduction to Sales and Psychology Clifton Esteban
Introduction to Mass Communication Mr. Allan Alibudbud Introduction to Mass Communication Mr. Allan Alibudbud
Introduction to Medicine Saren Roldan, MD Introduction to Medicine Saren Roldan, MD 
Introduction to Photography Mr. Jeram Apostol Introduction to Photography Mr. Jeram Apostol
Introduction to Business Management Mrs. Bernadette Esquivel Introduction to Marketing Mr. Andrew Alianan
Cooking Fundamentals Chef Ada Maxine Chua Introduction to Food Science & Nutrition Ms. Adrienne Venish Gawtee
Brand Marketing Mr. R. Benjamin Jose Ilagan Introduction to Film Mr. Luigi Gonzales

ANIMATION (Instructor: Mr. Edwin Guillermo)

Discover how to give the illusion of life to drawings and inanimate objects! Learn the basic filmmaking techniques used on TV shows like Lego Ninjago, Shaun the Sheep, Robot Chicken, Adventure Time and South Park. Learn to make fantastic animated presentations that you can use to impress any teacher, client or boss. This course is particularly useful if you plan on pursuing a business or career in animation, visual arts, filmmaking, television or advertising.

GRAPHIC DESIGN (Instructor: Mr. Alessandro Benjamin de Ocampo)

This course is an introductory to graphic design. It aims for students to learn and understand some of the simple and basic fundamental practices and processes of design. The intent is to show what graphic design is and what graphic design is used for in the commercial and cultural context through short lectures on history, art and visual principles, various examples of contemporary design, trends and movement. It also aims for students to learn some basic technical software skills that would aid in their creativity. There will be in-class projects and short assignments for students to evaluate, develop and explore their own interests in design. Student are also encouraged to participate by inviting and providing constructive criticism to other classmates, which not only helps build their intuition on art, but develop their critical thinking, as well as presentation skills.

INTRODUCTION TO SALES & PSYCHOLOGY (Instructor: Mr. Clifton Esteban)

Introducing a new product to a stranger? Suggesting the idea of a later curfew to your parents? Gathering a group of people to rally for a cause? In being able to do these, people go through what is called a selling process.  This course aims to tackle the psychology behind this process and how one can be an effective “salesman” in driving decision-making by understanding basic human motivations. By the end of this course, the student will gain a richer understanding of what being a “salesman” is, that it is not only limited to the selling of products and ideas but seeing it as a substantial part of daily human interaction.


Students in this course are introduced to the different fields of mass communication: journalism, film, broadcast communication and communication research, advertising and public relations. This will enable them to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the media culture. Furthermore, students will learn some of the basic techniques in communicating in various forms and will be given the chance to apply them in different real-world situations. This course will also enable the students to be more critical receivers of media.

INTRODUCTION TO MEDICINE (Instructor: Saren Roldan, MD)

The medical profession is a multi-faceted discipline that is both dauntingly challenging and endlessly rewarding. This course will give the students a clearer picture of what it entails to become a doctor – from choosing the appropriate preparatory medicine course to entering medicine proper, passing the licensure examination, and practicing the medical profession and beyond. The course is designed to prepare the students’ expectations in terms of the physical, emotional, and psychological discipline they would need to survive the challenges they would be facing and hopefully inspire them to become great doctors. The course will also give them the knowledge of how to save lives by teaching them basic life support.

INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY (Instructor: Mr. Jeram Apostol)

This course introduces the students to the basic techniques and methods used in Photography. Students will learn the basics of how a photograph is produced using the combination of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Students will also learn the basics of photo composition in order to create a photograph that conveys a message. This course will be helpful for students who wish to pursue a career in photography and advertising.

(Students to enroll in this class should have a DSLR camera or any digital camera that has settings that can be adjusted)

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT (Instructor: Mrs. Bernadette Esquivel)

There are many things that every Juan does without his realizing that some management and some business are involved — from putting up a snow-cone stand at the fair to preparing a group project on time, from haggling with a tiangge vendor to negotiating with the president of a giant food and beverage conglomerate to sponsor a school event. This course aims to give the participants a basic understanding of management concepts and business functions such as finance, production, marketing, human resources and technology. It will also introduce related topics such as project management, business process management, and business environment. By the end of the course, the students should be able to apply some management concepts and tools to their daily life.

COOKING FUNDAMENTALS (Instructor: Chef Ada Maxine Chua)

Culinary Arts begins with the fundamentals and principles of the art of cooking. Students will learn different cooking techniques, knife skills, menu planning, and food safety through lectures, research, group activities and hands-on demonstrations. This course will help the student pursue a career to be a professional chef one day.

(Fee: P4,000 to cover for ingredients and other materials)

INTRODUCTION TO FOOD SCIENCE & NUTRITION (Instructor: Ms. Adrienne Venish Gawtee)

Are you a healthy eater? This course will examine the science behind the food we eat and basic concepts in nutrition for everyday living. Basic nutrition concepts will be integrated with practical day-to-day health and fitness. Emphasis will be given to preparing dietary recommendations for maximizing well-being and minimizing the risk of diseases. Tools such as tables, food guides and guidelines will be utilized to make healthy food choices. The course also includes some methods for evaluating the credibility of nutrition claims, basic elements of food safety, diet for exercise and sports and personal dietary evaluation techniques.

INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING (Instructor: Mr. Andrew Alianan)

“Location, Location, Location.” This course introduces students to the basic principles and practices in the field of Marketing. Students will learn how marketing plays out in the businesses and products around them. This class will also put students in the shoes of marketing companies, giving them a basic overview of strategies and methods used to market products and services to consumers. This will be done through in-depth class discussions, simulations, take-home activities, group outputs and guest lectures from industry professionals. This course will be helpful for students who wish to pursue a career in marketing, brand management or who plan on helping and growing their family businesses in the future.

BRAND MARKETING (Instructor: Mr. R. Benjamin Jose Ilagan)

A study of basic marketing as applied to actual brands and products in the marketplace… Zzz. That’s not what you want to hear is it? You’re looking for something fun, exciting, and relevant to you! After getting the basics of marketing out of the way, we’re going to talk about the brands you know and love—Apple, Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and more! We’ll learn how they build their personalities and convince you to love them—and buy them! Will this class just be us sitting around watching awesome commercials? No… Well okay, maybe, but you’ll also learn a lot of cool stuff along the way! After taking this class, you will be more aware of the power brands can have and start paying attention to your personal brand as well.

INTRODUCTION TO FILM (Instructor: Mr. Luigi Gonzales)

“Show, don’t tell.” This course introduces students to the basic techniques and methods used in the art of visual storytelling. Students will learn what goes into conveying emotion with complex characters and layered storytelling through in-depth class discussions, take-home activities, and guest lectures from industry professionals. This course will be helpful for students who wish to pursue a career in filmmaking, film critiquing, and advertising.


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