Xavier School Golf Varsity (XSGV): A Gentlemen’s Game For A Good Cause

by Matthew Gue (H4H)
The XSGV Junior team of 2015-16 is comprised of seniors Matthew Gue and Louie Lagon; juniors Ken Diaz, Jacob Yulo, and Quito Diaz; sophomores Matthew Dybuncio, Nathan Kawpeng, Matthew Roxas, and Curt See; and freshman Vince Ngo.

At the conclusion of the 2015 Summer Golf tour of Xavier School Golf Varsity (XSGV) Junior team of 2015-16, a mini-charity event coordinated by high school senior Matthew Gue and entitled “XSGV Golf For A Cause” was held last June 13 with XSGV players playing a full 18-hole game to raise funds to donate for a worthwhile cause.

Aside from the required entry fee, further donation was made for every birdie and par scored by the players. To raise the target amount, the tournament format was changed from individual stroke to “team scramble” in which players were split into teams of two, allowing them to play the ball from the best lie to maximize the chance of scoring birdies and pars. Since golf is more of an individual sport, this format has also allowed XSGV players to bond with each other as a team.

At the end of the tournament, the XSGV Junior team was able to raise a total of ₱32,500 — enough to send a student on a one-year scholarship at the Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute-ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School (FPTI-ERDA Tech). ERDA Tech was specifically chosen since it is the adopted school of Xavier School.

Furthermore, for the XSGV players, this mini-charity event is not only a way for them to develop camaraderie with each other. This event is also their way of giving back to Xavier School for their many years of Christian education and their transformation as good Christians. Xavier School has not only helped less fortunate children get a good education but also has taught these Xaverians to let their light shine and be men for others.

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