Xaverian Bags Best Technical Award at the 2015 WRG, Jakarta, Indonesia

by Mr. Paolo C. Suapengco, HS English, XS HS Webpage Editor
Photos obtained from Jose Benito TInhay and DSTC’s Facebook account

11109185_1006376759374897_3042702004446741590_nLast April 25, 2015, Jose Benito Tinhay (G10E) won 2nd runner-up at the SUMO Games Championship held at Fisher Mall, Quezon City. This win allowed him to be eligible to compete in the World Robot Games (WRG) held at the Mall of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia, June 1–4 , 2015.

The participation of the Philippines in the competition was organized through the efforts of the Data Science Technology Corporation (DSTC). Ms. Josephine Pinky Legaspi, VP for Sales and Marketing of DSTC, acted as coordinator for Jose Tinhay’s entry in the World Robot Games.

The WRG in Jakarta was the first of its kind in robotic games history. The event aims to promote science, technology, and innovation. The event was also an opportunity for people from different cultures and backgrounds to interact and share their technological knowledge with each other. The theme chosen for the premiering of WRG 2015 was “SAVE OUR RIVERS,” a theme chosen by the Indonesian government to emphasize the context of the host country, Jakarta.1

Below is a video of the actual head-to-head match of Jose Tinhay with his competitor, following the basic system of traditional human sumo matches.

(Video provided by Jose Tinhay)

Robots are allowed no weapons, and are not allowed to flip each other. The sole purpose is a pushing match between the two robots to force the other from the arena. This competition is purely autonomous based, so robots must be programmed to function autonomously without any human intervention during the game. 2

Garnering the Best Technical Award for the Philippines were Mr. Reginald Antiojo and Xavier School’s very own Jose Benito Tinhay, officially representing the school and the country. Jose is currently in junior high school and a member of the XS Robotics Club.

Being a pioneer participant in a cross-cultural and technology-based event is definitely something to be proud of. Xavier School congratulates Jose Benito Tinhay, an innovator truly worthy of the title, Magis.



1 http://www.worldrobotgames.com/winners.php

2 http://www.worldrobotgames.com/categories.php

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