Midday Mass at the New Chapel

School President Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ presides over the first First Friday (midday) mass at the new Chapel of the Sacred Heart in the Senior High School building last 3 July 2015.

During his homily, Fr. Ari talks about the key figures who surround Jesus in the stained glass panel. To the right are Our Lady; Matteo Ricci, the 17th century Italian Jesuit who mastered Chinese and boldly proclaimed the compatibility of the Gospel with Chinese culture; St. Augustine Zhao Rong, a martyred Chinese diocesan priest, St. Paolo Lang Fu and his mother, representing the strong faith that even children can have.

On the left are the school patrons, St. Francis Xavier, who died on the island of Shangchuan before he could reach the Chinese mainland; and Paul Xu Guangqi (Hsu Kuangchi), the Chinese scholar-official who collaborated with Matteo Ricci to promote Christianity in China, especially in Shanghai. They are joined by the Chinese patron saints for young men and women, Saints Xi Zhuzi (died age 18), and Anna Wang (martyred age 14).

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