Gifted from SacRED

by Mackinley Ngo (G11B)
Cover photo by Mr. Christian Bumatayo, CMSO

Giving serves as an act of love and generosity towards the essence of life. The sun gives us warmth and radiance in the mornings. Mother nature gives us the beauty of herself for us to witness and enjoy. Humanity dedicates and gives time and effort to achieve the dreams that we yearn to obtain, and we give love towards the people who matter the most. To receive, then, serves as an acknowledgement of the love that is given to us, yet it signals opportunities to reciprocate or give forward these gifts to others. One such occasion comes from SacRED, an event in Xavier School where teachers and students alike celebrated the gifts of the Holy Spirit through stories and songs.


Photos by Mr. Christian Bumatayo

SacRED was an event celebrated after the Red Mass in Xavier School last June 16, 2015. It was a commemoration of the day God sent the Holy Spirit and endowed upon us His gifts and virtues. This was also a time for people to set aside other matters and bond together as one community. SacRED included performances from both the teachers and students who also shared  their insights on a particular gift of the Holy Spirit. Watching and listening to the performers and sharers showed me a light that guided me towards the road of understanding—that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to us out of love for us to share them to others.

A particular talk had an impact on me when the speaker shared his insights regarding the gift of knowledge. He began his sharing by defining what knowledge was. Then he told a story of how he used his knowledge to help his friend and give him advice. I learned from him that knowledge is not merely the ability to know but it has always been a gift with the purpose of being shared and used to help others as God wants us to.

A teacher in Xavier also shared her thoughts on the gift of fear of the Lord, and her sharing was accompanied by a song. Other than appreciating her talent of bringing melody for one’s ears, I got to realize that fear of the Lord is not about cowering in front of God—it refers to respecting Him and motivating ourselves to perform deeds according to His will. I learned that this kind of fear is not about submitting to forces greater than us, but it is to love and keep us from moving away from those who matter most to us. I can therefore say that our values root from our Father’s will, and we are given the responsibility of sharing these gifts for the generations to come. SacRED gave me realizations towards my outlook in life as a human being, and this event gave me an opportunity to see how giving enables us to love.

Perhaps there is more to love than what meets the eye, yet there is more to the eye than what meets the mind. The same goes with my perspective and view of sharing the gifts that God bestowed upon us. SacRED has been an event that has taught me more than what I expected. I am looking forward to share what I have been given. After all, we have the ability to show people how gifted they are as well.



Photos by Mr. Geoff Mercado, SHS Faculty


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