In-Plant Training Program

by Marilyn Benedicto, Industry Linkage Coordinator, FPTI - ERDA Tech
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The In-Plant Training (IPT) program is designed to enhance the skills, work values, and attitudes of the students in the real world of work. This serves as an authentic assessment of what it feels like to be working. All students undergo 640 hours of training which covers around five (5) months from October to March. Students report to work daily (4-5 days a week) depending on the number of work days/schedule of the company to which they are assigned. Wednesday mornings are allotted for in-school reporting where the students give feedback to their teachers about their experiences, and also where retooling and mentoring take place.

The students are given the chance to experience first-hand everything that encompasses the field of work starting from the job application wherein the students themselves experience writing and submitting their resumes, taking written examinations, and undergoing job interviews. After the students get selected, they are sent to their respective companies and stay there for several months.

In the previous years, our company partners have been able to provide the students the training and experience they ought to have. Likewise, these companies gave us positive feedback regarding our trainees: responsible, eager to learn, respectful, driven, industrious, cooperative, and adaptable to the work environment.

The number of ERDA Tech’s company partners has been growing for the past several years. Here is a list of our industry partners for school year 2015-2106:

1. Armstrong Realty Investment Inc.
2. Braun Industrial Tools
3. Cakes and Bakes
4. Cargo Marine Corporation
5. Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation (CAPASCO)
6. Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight
7. CT Event Production Corp.
8. DOLE Program (YES PProject)
9. EEE Valencia Services Inc.
10. EMZ Electrical Contractor Corp.
11. Frabelle Shipping Corp.
12. Fusion Advertising Marketing Hub
13. Gream and Grayer
14. Lite Express International Inc.
15. Megasoft Hygienic Products Inc.
16. Megawide Construction Corp.
17. Michaeljona Trucking Services
18. Orchid Garden Suites
19. Pandacann Depot Services Inc.
20. P. B. Dionisio Guns and Ammo Store
21. Ride Inc.
22. RMR Electric Corp.
23. San Miguel Yamamura Plastic Corp.
24. Sarambee Corporation
25. Tiara Oriental Hotel
26. UC Industries
27. Yoshita Corporation

“The only way for the very poor to break the vicious cycle of poverty is to get a proper education and skills training.”  – Fr. Pierre Tritz SJ, President Emeritus & Founder of ERDA Tech

We wish to invite you to share with us the vision and mission of our school founder to prepare students to be work-ready and employable for a better life not only for them but also for their families. Come and be our industry partner.

For inquiries, you may contact me, Ms. Marilyn Benedicto, the Industry Linkage Coordinator at 564-26-08 or email me at

Officials of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation and administrators of the Father Pierre Tritz Institute - ERDA Tech during the MOA signing that sealed the IPT partnership of the two institutions. :)

Officials of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation and administrators of the Father Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech during the MOA signing that sealed the IPT partnership of the two institutions. 🙂

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One thought on “In-Plant Training Program

  1. Russell Saunders

    Saw many very young looking kids in SM Makati Supermarket today. They looked like interns and curious me asked who they were. Was told they’re trainees from Xavier School and will work for 4 days. I was quite pleased to see that Xavier is trying to instill the value of work and service to very young people. I enjoyed having them there and couldn’t help but smile as I looked at them try very hard to tie up my boxes of groceries. They were very courteous and enthusiastic, and I was quite touched to see them do manual work without shame or hesitation.

    Whoever came up with this idea and made it possible, kudos to all of you. I left the supermarket thinking these kids will hopefully become responsible and caring adults and will set examples for other young people. But whatever happens, this project is just awesome, way awesome.

    More power to you! And I hope many more schools will follow your lead.


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