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By Cynthia B. Resurreccion, Batch 17, Class of 2015, FPTI – ERDA Tech
Photo by Mr. Jeffgerarld T. Tan, Instructional Media Office Staff, FPTI – ERDA Tech

Sometimes a job that looks great on paper is not what one expected it would be in reality. One may decide that he/she does not care for the line of work or believe that he/she does not have the ability to effectively perform the job function. In-Plant Training is very much essential. As the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” Indeed, nothing compares to the knowledge and wisdom that it can give to you. It may be hard at first, but once a person learns to appreciate and love what he/she is doing, it becomes easier and more meaningful every day.

The supervisors are managers and/or experienced employees. Getting to know those individuals during one’s training can give him/her an insider’s look at how the company runs, and how he/she will fit in. A person will learn different personality types and figure out whom to talk to about work problems and how to interact with superiors. One can also learn tips and techniques from experienced workers like how to operate machines, fix cars or the best thing to eat from a menu. In the in-plant training, the supervisors of the student-trainees are their guardian angels who show the student-trainees the ropes. After a while. the trainees can then move on into completing tasks on their own while still under supervision. This provides the student-trainees with real-life experiences in the field/industry which can enhance their competence and confidence as well.

I am a graduate of ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School, and I specialized in Food Trades. As I made my way to the last semester in high school, I underwent my In-Plant Training as a final preparation for working in the real world after school and on weekends. I was placed in Orchid Garden Suites Hotel in Malate, Manila. My training began in October 2014 and ended in January 2015.

I was assigned to the Kitchen and Restaurant Department and then later on to the Housekeeping Department. My initial tasks were slicing onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and other ingredients for an omelet. Then the following day, our supervisor taught me and my fellow trainees how to cook and bake pasta, viands, and desserts. The most exciting part for us was flipping the pancakes and omelet in a pan. Welcoming and bidding goodbye to the guests, preparing the table appointments, serving water and food, bussing out soiled dishes were also among the things I did. Moreover, we were able to do the different housekeeping tasks such as changing beddings, as well as cleaning the hotel rooms and restrooms. We also experienced working with graduate students from different schools like Lyceum of the Philippines University. Truly, I have learned plenty of things and developed my character in the workplace. I am fortunate to have been a part of such a generous and caring company.

Working with Orchid Garden Suites Hotel has been such a fruitful journey. I have learned to follow instructions to the letter, and to ask questions and seek clarification when I am in doubt so as not to commit errors. Moreover, I have gained more confidence in socializing with people.

Ten years from now, I see myself as a responsible and independent woman with a stable job, a position in a respectable company that values me. I shall be an asset to my company, greatly contributing to its growth. Having had a strong academic and technical foundation given by ERDA Tech, I see myself fulfilling my dreams in the future.

Everything that a person does must help develop his/her potential and allow him/her to reach his/her objectives. Accomplishing every task wholeheartedly and having the initiative and courage to strive harder to acquire knowledge and wisdom are of prime importance.

It is my earnest hope that the incoming student – trainees of ERDA Tech, will value and enjoy what they will be doing, and always bear in mind to be the best that they can be.

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