Xavier School’s Environmental Advocacy Committee Benchmarks with Miriam College

by Ms. Allyn C. Go Tian,
From left to right: Allyn Go Tian (Administrative Assistant of Development & Alumni Relations Office, XS Environmental Advocate and Sustainability Coordinator), Nereyda Garcia (XSN Sustainability Coordinator), Jay Perez (GS Science Department Chair), Arzbette Manlangit (XSN Science Department Chair), Marissa Abadam (GS Science Green Team), Jasper Laguitao (Athletics), Roberto de la Cruz (HS Science Department Chair), Lucy Pedrezuela (XSN Campus Operations), Antonita Espina (Canteen and Reservations), and Eugenio Quijano (HS Science Green Team); photos provided by Allyn Go Tian

Last June 23, 2015, a group of Xavier School San Juan and Xavier School Nuvali staff and teachers together with the Environmental Advocacy Committee, went to Miriam College’s Environmental Science Institute to learn from their current programs and practices in environmental advocacy.

Dr. Donna Paz T. Reyes, Executive Director of Environmental Studies Institute or ESI, emphasized the importance of practicing and living out the Seven Environmental Principles inside their green campus:

  1. Nature knows best.
  2. All forms of life are important.
  3. Everything is connected to everything else.
  4. Everything changes.
  5. Everything must go somewhere.
  6. Ours is a finite earth.
  7. Nature is beautiful and we are stewards of God’s creation.

The principles stated above hold us all duty-bound to take care of the earth we live in by properly segregrating trash, reusing and recycling whenever possible, and reducing the use of non-recyclables that harm the environment. Dr. Reyes encouraged the Xavier group to incorporate environmental education into the school curriculum to learn about, in, and for the environment, to raise students who are environmentally aware and to effect changes in their behavior.

The group learned about “condocienda” or urban planting and vermi-composting while touring their green campus, the potting shed and composting area, the herb and vegetable garden, the Science Garden, the Shade Garden and their canteen.

This is just but one of the initial steps of Xavier School to become an eco-friendly school by learning from other institutions.  Let us join hands and cooperate with the existing policies and support the future efforts of the Environment Advocacy Committee of Xavier School.

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