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22 July 2015

Dear Parents,

We are grateful for the overwhelming support that you have shown for the after-school sports program. Currently, we have a little over 200 students enrolled across four sports. As we continue to aim to maximize our students’ physical potential by encouraging them to play multiple sports, here are some announcements to help us serve you better.

We are changing the times for our training sessions. Kinder to Grade 4 will now be 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm. Grade 5 to 10 will now be 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

The venue for the taekwondo and Kids Athletics sessions will be moved to the Primary School Building lobby effective Monday, July 27, 2015.  Guardians are advised to wait in the gym while the session is ongoing.

We want to clarify that the Multi-sport Quarterly package is for students interested in playing more than one sport. At P5,460 per quarter, our students can participate in as much as four sports, 4x a week with a minimum of 20 sessions (P273/session).  The Multi-sport Quarterly package expires at the end of every school quarter.

In case of rain, football sessions will continue unless there is lightning and thunder. It will be your decision to allow them to continue playing or not. If there will be lightning and thunder, we will move to the gym and do physical literacy drills plus strength and conditioning exercises.

Just a gentle reminder that when you enroll in the after-school sports program, it allows the student to join ANY of the four sports. What you avail of is the number of sessions the students want to participate in.

Attached is a copy of the FAQs for your guidance. For any inquiries, you can contact Coach Emman at 0947-955-0240 or approach any of the Elevate coaches during training sessions. You can also visit www.raiseyourgame.ph, check out Elevate Sports Academy on Facebook and follow elevatesportsph on Instagram.

Thank you also for your support as we continue to innovate and provide a program that is truly unique to Xavier School Nuvali.


Emmanuel Nazareno
Sports Coordinator          

Noted by:

Mrs. Arlene T. Choo

FAQs  Xavier-Elevate After School Sports Program

What if we paid the Multi-sport Quarterly (P5,460) package but we only have been attending one sport?

We will count your enrollment as a 10-session package and credit the difference you paid (P1,560) when you enroll for your next package.

You will only need to pay P2,340 for your next enrollment of the 10-session package.

If you decide to participate in multiple sports in the next quarter, you will only need to pay P3,900.

We enrolled in the Multi-sport Quarterly this First Quarter but there were a lot of suspension of classes. How will you be handling this?

We will extend the Multi-sport Quarterly package until the first week after the exams (24-27 August 2015) for those who have been attending multiple sports. That will mean that there are 21 sessions you could have joined this first quarter.

How will this adjustment affect the next quarters?

For the sports program, the official start of the Multi-Sport Quarterly for the Second Quarter will be on 1 September 2015, Tuesday. There are 26 scheduled sessions you can attend for the second quarter.

When does the Multi-sport Quarterly package expire?

It expires at the end of each school quarter.

What if we just want to do one sport once or twice a week?

Your best option is to enroll in the 10-session package (P3,900).

What if we want to enroll just in one sport for the rest of the year?

You are in luck! Starting 1 September 2015, Tuesday, you can participate in just one sport twice a week for 30 sessions at P10,500.

Does the 10-session package expire?

No. It does not. However, it should be consumed by the end of this school year.

What if we initially got the 10-session package for one sport but we are curious about the other sports, is it still possible for us join other sports?

Yes! What you sign up for are the number of sessions. You can use up your 10 sessions in any sport until consumed.

We are following your advice and participating in different sports everyday. But that means we will miss the lessons in the sports we do not get to attend. How will that affect us?

This is perfectly fine because during practice sessions, students are divided by their skill level. You will always have the opportunity to make up for what you miss.

How do you monitor attendance?

The coaches will check attendance at the beginning of every session. Please be advised that if your name is not on the “paid” list procured from the cashier, you cannot participate.

How much are the uniforms?

Personalized tee shirts and basketball jerseys are P300. Taekwando uniforms are P1,600. Payment is required upon ordering. Please give us 1-2 weeks delivery time. Payment should be given directly to Elevate personnel handling uniforms. Note, however, that the tee shirts, basketball jerseys, and taekwondo uniforms are NOT required.

What are Kids Athletics?

Kids athletics is for Kinder to Grade 4. It focuses on physical literacies, strength and conditioning of our students through fun games and trying different sports.

What are Game Day Fridays and how do we participate?

Game Day Fridays are free, sign-up intramurals. We will feature one sport at a time. It is open to all XSN students. If your child would like to sign up, please proceed to the sign up board at the main lobby. The schedule of games will be released every Thursday. For students who are not enrolled in the after school sports program, but would like to join the Game Day Fridays, the only requirement is the submission of the waiver signed by the parents.  You can get this from the cashier and submit it directly to Coach Emman.

Will there be competitions, tournaments and games?

Yes, we will regularly release a schedule of games that you may participate in. There will be a separate minimal fee for joining tournaments. Joining competitions, tournaments, and games is NOT required.     

What if we enrolled in the Annual package of P18,070?

You rock! Please approach Coach Emman to get your free Gatorade tumbler and towel.

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