XS Nuvali Emergency Evacuation Procedure

XS Nuvali Pres Office Letterhead

24 July 2015

Dear Parents,

The threat of a large-scale earthquake, more commonly known as “The Big One” continues to be talked about these days. Our local media has been providing us with information regarding the efforts of the local government and civil society organizations in preparing the citizenry to manage and reduce disaster risks should “The Big One” occur.

In line with the school’s efforts to prepare for such disasters and calamities, the school administration is implementing the following this school year:

Emergency ‘Grab’ Bag – a requirement for all students (K-12) and the faculty and staff; this grab bag is equipped with a medical first aid kit and other essential supplies such as a flashlight, whistle, bottled water, energy bar, etc.

Emergency Kit/Box – to be put in the school’s large and common venues like the MPC, MPH, Lecture Hall, etc.

Emergency Storage Container Van – a 20 sq.ft container van that will be stocked with essentials such as water, food (rice, canned goods), cookware, tools and safety equipment, master list of all students (and authorized fetchers), faculty and staff.

We wish to inform you that the school has also come up with a system for emergency evacuation and a dismissal protocol in the event that “The Big One” occurs (see next page).

Inasmuch as disasters and calamities are unpredictable, we enjoin the members of the Xavier community to keep an emergency ‘grab’ bag with them in their own homes. It may also be good to have emergency food supplies, cash, and copies of important documents within easy reach.  In all likelihood, family members may not be together especially if a major disaster occurs on a regular working day. In this case, it would be good for all family members to agree on a common assembly or meeting place.

For additional information regarding earthquake/disaster preparedness, you may visit reliable websites such as:

PHIVOLCS  http://www.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=section&id=6:earthquake-preparedness&Itemid=44



Let us continue to pray and recite the rosary daily so that our country, our citizenry and our families may be spared from any major disaster or calamity.


School President


A major earthquake of disaster magnitude would, in all likelihood, lead to extensive damage to residential and building structures. Electrical and telecommunication systems may break down. Major thoroughfares may be rendered unusable and minor roads are expected to be congested and perhaps, impassable, too.

The following information has been compiled in order to prepare our administrators, faculty and staff in protecting and securing the students in the event of a natural disaster.


Step 1: During earthquake, DUCK, COVER, and HOLD until ordered to evacuate.

Step 2: Students, faculty and staff must pick up their emergency ‘grab’ bag and leave the building in an orderly manner going to the evacuation area (parking lot).

Step 3: At the evacuation area, students line up and group themselves according to their class section as practiced during emergency drills.  Checking of attendance is done and reported to the ODS personnel of each unit. Teachers await for further instructions from the Emergency Operations (EO) Team.


In the event of a minor earthquake, the school administration will assess damage and safety of the building structures.  When the school is deemed safe, classes will resume. The regular exit and dismissal procedures will be followed.

In the event of a major earthquake, students will remain in the evacuation area (parking lot) until they are fetched by their parents and/or authorized fetchers.

Students shall be released only to authorized fetchers or to those listed in the student’s exit reference data sheet. They will not be allowed to leave the campus on their own, or with strangers.

The EO Dismissal Protocol and Releasing Unit will be stationed at Gate 2 to supervise the dismissal of the students.  For safety and security, the school reserves the right to refuse entry of vehicles into the campus.

In close coordination with the local government and other agencies, school authorities will exert utmost effort to accommodate on campus students, faculty and staff, who are unable to go home in the first 48 hours after the earthquake.

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