XS San Juan: Athletics Council (AC)


Date:            27 July 2015
To:               The Xavier School San Juan Community
From:           The President’s Office
Subject:       Athletics Council (AC)

As a way of ensuring progressive participation amongst the various members of the XS Community in its Athletics Program, I have created the ATHLETICS COUNCIL (AC), a body that will be the ‘Customer Care Hotline’ for all matters relating to Athletics and its programs.

The council will be composed of various stakeholders and will convene regularly to study various issues and make recommendations to the President. I hereby appoint the following to the Athletics Council:

I would like to thank the council members for accepting this important work, and look forward to their recommendations. Suggestions from anyone in the community may be sent to the applicable member* of the council.

*see attached document below for more information on the Athletics Council (AC)

Thank you very much.

Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ
School President


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