Fostering Filipino-Japanese Friendship: The FPTI – ERDA Tech – Sacred Heart High School Interaction

by Jonathan S. Lacson, Assistant Principal for Formation, FPTI – ERDA Tech

On Friday afternoon, July 31, 2015, twenty ERDAnians waited excitedly for the arrival of a group of Japanese high school students from Sacred Heart High School, practicing their welcoming song “Leron-Leron Sinta” to perfection.

The participating ERDAnians were:

Grade 9 – Nikel: Arvin Avila, Jairus Daep, Harvey Dalmacio, Jannah Mae Beltran, Yllene Allexandra Molina, Maezel Ann Wood

Grade 9 – Pilak: Ivann Azarcon, John Patrick Bersoto, Ryan Charles Binuya, Coleen Zaima Felix, Virginia Ramirez, Geanne Samson

V – Mahinahon: Aldrin Beltran, Lance Arone Fernandez, Katrin Kaye Fernandez, Alyssa Joy Madera

V – Masigasig: Mark Anthony Mongaya, Kim Carlo Rosita, Veronica Anne Ama, Alyzza Mae Santiago

Soon after, the guests — 20 students, Sister Yuka Arita, RSCJ, the Interaction Coordinator for Sacred Heart School, Sister Sachiko Tanase, RSCJ, Principal, and four teachers — arrived. After the introductions, everyone went up to the Audiovisual Room.

Mr. Jonathan Lacson, the Assistant Principal for Formation of ERDA Tech, gave the visitors an overview of ERDA Tech, then showed the video of Father Pierre Tritz’s life and works. Afterwards, the principal of Sacred Heart School informed the ERDAnians about her school. She said that the Japanese students came from the Saporro, Tokyo, Obayashi, and Kobe campuses of Sacred Heart School.

Later on, the ERDAnians toured their Japanese partners around the school, showing them the facilities, introducing them to the faculty and the staff, and explaining to them the activities and the routines of ERDA Tech.

During the cultural presentation, the ERDAnians sang a popular Filipino folk song “Bahay Kubo”. A Japanese student played the flute. Moreover, the Japanese students sang two songs: “Alleluia” and the Japanese version of a popular American song.

The Japanese visitors expressed their admiration for the ERDAnians, saying that their hosts were friendly, kind, and helpful. Similarly, the ERDA Tech students were impressed with their Japanese counterparts, noting their very refined behavior and gentle ways.

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