Wendy’s Philippines’s Wonderful Visit to ERDA Tech

by Jonathan S. Lacson, Assistant Principal for Formation, FPTI – ERDA Tech
Photos by Mrs. Rowena B. de la Cruz, Sponsorship Program Coordinator, FPTI – ERDA Tech

For the past 21 years, the Father Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech has been educating and forming the less-fortunate youth of Manila with the help of good-hearted sponsors. Among the newest benefactors of the school is Wendy’s Philippines, which made the ERDA Tech community truly happy with a double treat on a very special day, Friday, July 31, 2015, the feast of Saint Ignatius.

The Wendy’s Philippines group: Miss Marizu Baser, Miss Lanie Asia, and Miss Sharmaine Aquilino handed over to Mr. Peter Marc Magsalin, the ERDA Tech principal, the proceeds from the 2nd Wendy’s Golf Cup Tournament held at the Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club on July 16, 2015, which amounted to a little over half a million pesos, which will be allotted to the new ERDA Tech in Laguna or Batangas in the near future.

On hand to witness the turnover were Mr. Ernesto Chua, Jr., Assistant Principal for Academics, Mr. Jonathan Lacson, Assistant Principal for Formation, Mrs. Marge Antonio, Campus Operations Officer and Business Office Head, Mr. Elmer Bueno, Faculty and Staff Club President, and Miss Pfeiffer Angela Garlan, Business Office personnel.

Also present were the representatives of the Student Body Organization (SBO): Joyce Ann Busante of Grade 9 – Pilak, the SBO treasurer who also led the opening prayer, and James Rohbin Besa of Grade 9 – Pilak also, a member of the SBO support group who also gave the Wendy’s Philippines team a thank-you card as a token of appreciation on behalf of the students.

Everyone then proceeded to the canteen where the grade 9 students as well as most of the faculty and staff had been waiting.

Mr. Peter Marc Magsalin and Miss Marizu Baser both gave their messages to the group. Miss Baser even acknowledged a student who was celebrating her birthday that day, Annabelle Lorraine Malic of Grade 9 – Pilak, and joined everyone in singing the “Happy Birthday” song for the celebrator.

Afterwards, the school community and the guests feasted on the chicken-and-burger meal provided by Wendy’s. The smiles on the students’ faces were priceless.

Mr. Michael Kho, the president of Wendy’s Philippines and an alumnus of Xavier School San Juan (Batch ’89, same as Father Ari Dy) arrived shortly after lunch, and after a brief meeting with the ERDA Tech administrators and business office staff, he and his team left with the promise of more help to come for ERDA Tech, specially in the upcoming Founder’s Week (Father Pierre Tritz’s 101st birthday celebration).


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