Virtues Project

By Glenn Glinoga – Grade 7 & 9 Parent

As parents, it is easy to abdicate the responsibility of character and value formation of our children to the school, its administrators, and teachers.  This may be especially true for us, parents, when we chose to send our boys to Xavier to receive the Jesuit education which not just focuses on academic excellence but, more importantly, aims to develop good human beings.  And since they spend the most part of their day in school, it is tempting to think that the school is in the best position to take on that role.

What we may fail to realize is that character formation starts at a very young age and at home with parents and family.  For us parents, it is how we raise them through the environment we immerse them in and the kind of example we are to them.  It is not dictated by how much or how limited time we spend with them but by the quality of that time with us.

In one of his benchmarking trips in the region, Fr. Ari Dy learned about the Virtues Project and how it has positively impacted both parents and children of a school in Singapore.  So he arranged for the grade school teachers to attend the Virtues Project workshop last summer for them to apply its principles and strategies in their teaching and interaction with the students. 

Thus, when the invitation to attend the Virtues Project workshop was extended to the parents by the XSPA in collaboration with Xavier Ignite, I did not think twice about signing up. Over 200 parents came in the morning of July 18 to listen to Ms. Grace Lim-Pineda from Singapore. Through her talk, sharing, video clips, Skype with another Virtues Project trainor from the U.S. and some individual and group activities, we learned how to actively participate and partner with Xavier in bringing “virtues to life”.  We saw how it is consistent with and supports Xavier’s 6 C’s.   She shared with us strategies and simple yet effective techniques to inspire the practice of virtues at home and at school, and in our everyday life.  We realized the power to influence and effect change of an ‘ecosystem’ that emphasizes frequent, consistent and positive reinforcement of virtues.

The Virtues Project defines virtues as “the very meaning and purpose of our lives, the content of our character, the truest expression of our souls”.  According to the Positive Parenting Centre, virtues are the “foundation to our core value system, the very essence that makes up good character”.

Let us all be part of a meaningful transformation – for our kids and for all of us.  Let us be part of the Virtues Project!

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