A Hike to Remember

by Marjorie A. Aguja, Grade 9 – Nikel
Photos by Miss Valentine G. de Dreuille, ERDA Tech French Volunteer and Senior Scouts Co-Moderator

Mountains are one of the unique creations in the world. They are the evidence of the true beauty of nature. Can you believe that some of the ERDAnians actually reached a mountain summit?

On Saturday, July 25, 2015, the ERDA Tech senior scouts had an amazing and wonderful hike at Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. We experienced different hardships in going up but we continued and motivated ourselves. Because of the slippery and muddy road, some of us slipped and almost all of us had mud and dirt on our clothes and bodies, but we persevered to reach our goal, the summit.

This mountain hiking let us experience many things like gaining more knowledge especially about nature’s beauty and importance. We also learned about exerting great effort to achieve our aims. I have proven this for myself particularly when I got injured. I saw, felt, and realized the true sense of reliability and concern for each other. I am particularly grateful to my fellow scout Jairhus Zarate who carried me on his back as we were traveling downhill. I am very thankful for being a scout because a scout is A SCOUT:


Stick together

Connect with each other

Outstanding leaders

Unique explorers and

Trustworthy adventurers.

About the author:

Marjorie Aguja is a member of the senior scouts of ERDA Tech. For most of them, the dayhike in Mt. Batulao was their first experience of mountain climbing. This experience was particularly memorable for Marjorie as she got injured before reaching the summit. She decided not to give up and made it to the summit with the rest of the group. As the way down was still long and difficult, she experienced the sense of solidarity with her fellow scouts. A small group stayed behind with her, and Jairhus Zarate, another scout of the unit, carried her most of the way down, showing a great sense of responsibility and compassion.

– Miss Valentine G. de Dreuille, ERDA Tech Senior Scouts Co-moderator



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