Emergence: The Rekindling of Xavier Spirit

by Joseph Tang (10E) and Alfonso Tan (10J)
Photos by Jarred Co, H4 XS Media Team

July 31st saw the junior and senior high students of Xavier School gather for the annual pep rally organized by the Blue and Gold Committee and hosted by Xaverians Raul Recto and Diego Kua, along with celebrity guest Maxene Magalona. As students filled the Jacinto Tiu competition court, the atmosphere was a buzz of excitement, with all ready to show support for their athletes.

This year’s pep rally, entitled “Emergence,” gave the Xaverian athletes a chance to showcase their skills and to receive support from the student body. Each of Xavier School’s different varsity teams paraded into the venue to be recognized, with Dance X delivering an energetic, stunt-filled performance to begin the program.

Following the parade, Xaverian students displayed their support for their athletes through the batch cheering competition. Each batch was assigned an iconic Xavier cheer, and the court was filled with the sounds of “Blue and Gold, Xavier, Let’s Go!”, “Laban Xavier!”, “Guang Qi Bi Sheng!” and “Go, Xavier Go!” While each batch undoubtedly displayed its school spirit, Grades 8 and 12 stood out from the crowd, and were awarded with casual day passes.

When the cheering ended, Ms. Alyssa Valdez, a multi-awarded athlete and member of the National Women’s volleyball team, gave an inspirational speech about the mindset of an athlete. She shared her story, telling the audience how determination enabled her to achieve success. She also talked about how volleyball helped her learn to cooperate with others in order to perform well, allowing her to discover a deeper love for her sport. Finally, Ms. Valdez went into detail about training, specifically about the importance of the core for athletes.  At the end of her speech, she offered advice to everyone in the gym: “Do not give up, keep your heart strong and enjoy the game.”

Soon after, all the varsity teams took an oath of sportsmanship with each Xaverian athlete promising to perform his best as a representative of Xavier School. The students also pledged to show school spirit by supporting their own athletes. After the pledge, each team took turns lighting the torch in the middle of the gym.

To end the annual pep rally, Mr. Exxon Yu gave a closing speech, highlighting three main points for everyone to keep in mind. He encouraged the students present to always persevere, to always exercise sportsmanship, and to always show school pride. Afterwards, he ended with a memorable piece of advice. “Do not stop today, let others’ light shine, and emerge to become better.”

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