Biking in “Barong”

By Michael L. Tan (XS '69)

Kudos to Miggy Laperal and Cyrill Chan, both of XS 2013, for their innovative Bike Share project in U.P.! In the words of U.P. Chancellor Mike Tan (XS ’69), they “combined their Jesuit “a man for others” upbringing with UP’s boldness of vision.”

Also part of the group but not mentioned in the article are Xaverians Elijah Mojares, Shawn Lee, and Kyle Tan Cua.

Luceat Lux!

The stereotypical absent-minded professor, I constantly drive my younger associates crazy when I forget dress protocols. They remind me about having missed a shirt button, untied shoelaces or, worse, wearing jeans with barong.

Last Saturday I attended the inauguration of a new senior high school building for Xavier in San Juan. I went in a polo barong, feeling underdressed compared to many guests in fine jusi and piña barong, but feeling overdressed with the Class of 1967 (I think it was 1967) who went in reconstructed grade school uniforms, no, not short pants though.

I had tried to beg off from the building inauguration because I already promised another group of Xavier graduates—now students in UP Diliman—that I’d be at their inauguration of an important new project. But Fr. Ari Dy, the Xavier principal, asked that I give at least an hour in San Juan, then I could go off to UP.

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