XS San Juan GSPO: Second Quarter Reminders for Kinder to Grade 2

gspo colored letterhead17 August 2015

Dear Parents of KINDER to GRADE 2 Students,


As we begin the Second Quarter, we take this opportunity to remind you of important matters in the Grade School.


Homework is an important part of schooling inasmuch as it provides students with the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the classroom.  It is a tool in the learning process and as such should be done with very minimal help from parents and tutors.  Results of how well or how poorly homework is accomplished also gives the teacher an idea of how much the students have understood and mastered a lesson, and gives the teacher a cue as to the readiness of the students for the graded assessment and the next lesson.

  • Mindful of the limited attention span of young children, the number of homework is regulated by the school.  Moreover, the amount of homework per subject is also designed to be age appropriate in terms of length and type in all grade levels.
  • It is never to early to develop grit through the accomplishment of homework. “Since teaching grit requires children to experience frustration and sometimes, failure, the adults who help children with their school work should remain positive, encouraging and helpful.”   (Hoerr, 2013)
  • Suggested practices to promote good study habits:
    • Set aside a specific length of time for doing homework daily, i.e., approximately 10 minutes in Kinder to 30 minutes in Grade 2.
    • Ensure that your son’s full attention is focused on the task at hand, i.e., no distractions (e.g., TV, food, music, etc.) nearby.
    • Teach your son to employ strategies (e.g., do hand exercises (clench-unclench fist) in the middle of a writing activity, do easy first before difficult, take deep breath when feeling tired and sleepy, etc.) in accomplishing his homework.
    • Encourage your son to be resourceful in case he does not know what to do, e.g., check his HSCN, look for similar examples in the worksheet, and to ask for your help (as a last resort).


  • A student who is absent from school for 1-2 days is required to present an EXCUSE LETTER to his Student Supervisor upon his return.
    • Please submit ONLY ONE excuse letter.  The ODS will inform your son’s teachers about the contents of the excuse letter.
  • A student who is/will be absent from school for 3 days or longer (but not more than 20% of the total number of school days for the year) is required to submit an APPLICATION FORM FOR STUDENT’S LEAVE OF ABSENCE (LOA).  This form is available at the Grade School Principal’s Office (GSPO).
  • A medical certificate is required for absences due to sickness that last for 3 days or longer.
  • Students who are coming back from an illness that is considered contagious should first present themselves to the Infirmary for clearance by the School Doctor.
    • In Kinder and Grade 1, the School Nurse accompanies the boys to the Infirmary at the main Grade School Building.


  • Students whose absences or leaves are excused may
    • request for an extra encounter with the Subject Teachers for lessons missed
    • take make-up activities for assessments missed
  • The school reserves the right to determine whether the reason for an absence or a leave is considered excused or not.
  • The Class Adviser will inform the parents (through the HSCN) of the date of the make-up assessment.  These are scheduled after school and are proctored by the teacher inside the classroom.
  • If a student who was previously absent reports to school on the day an assessment is scheduled, he is expected to take the test UNLESS he has a letter from his parents requesting that he be allowed not to take the test or if the student explicitly tells the teacher that he is not ready to take the test.  When this happens, the student takes the make-up assessment on the earmarked dates upon advice of the GSPO.


  • While the school encourages an open line of communication between the parents and the teachers, please empower your child to coordinate with his teachers themselves as regards school-related activities, i.e., requesting for clarification regarding homework, reporting an offense against him by a classmate, etc.  This is a concrete lesson in developing independence.
  • To further inculcate independence, we discourage you from posting on social media and/or relying on the post of other parents as regards homework for the day. Instead, remind your son to diligently copy his homework on his HSCN before going home.  Please note that students are given time at the end of the day to fix his things; thus, he will have enough time to make sure that he has the complete list of assignment.  This will ‘force’ him to move faster and be more alert.
  • Should you have a letter or a note on the HSCN for the teacher, please remind your son to give/show the note to the teacher concerned first thing in the morning or at the start of the subject period.  This will allow the teacher to respond adequately to the matter.
  • To ensure the quick and efficient resolution of your concerns, it is always better to observe protocol in arranging for meetings with school officials.  Always request to meet with the concerned teacher FIRST.  You may do this directly with the concerned teacher by writing a note on the HSCN or emailing the teacher.   There is no need to course your concern through the class or level representative.
  • The next person to meet in case your concern is not resolved would be the
    • Prefect of Discipline for discipline cases
    • Team Leader for general concerns
    • Subject Department Chairperson for academic concerns
  • Please note that requested meetings with the Principal may be initially delegated to the concerned office and administrator.


To ensure order and minimize untoward incidents during break time, students are regularly reminded to observe the school’s RULES FOR PLAYING.  It is our hope that you can also enforce these at home for greater consistency.

  • All players must be safe.
  • No one’s feelings should be hurt during play.
  • Joining a game should be optional.
  • Any player should be able to stop and leave in the middle of a game.


  • Please make sure that ALL belongings, e.g., pencil, books, sharpener, jug, lunch box, shoes, socks, PE shirt, pants, underwear, eraser, etc., of your son are labeled clearly with his name, grade and section.  This will facilitate the retrieval of the items in case they are misplaced or forgotten.  Moreover, it will lessen the incidents of students mistakenly bringing home someone else’s property.  In the event that your son does bring home someone else’s belonging by mistake, he is expected to immediately return the said item to school the following day.
  • On a related note, please have YOUR SON look for items that he misplaced.  Instruct him to check out the Lost and Found cabinet on the ground floor of the GS building.  Parents may also personally go through the lost and found items during the Parent Teachers Conference (PTC) day.  Please do not call up the teacher to request him/her to look for the lost items of your son.  They will not have very little time for this.
  • Please do not let your son bring non-school related objects, e.g., watches, jewelry, electronic toys, etc., to school.  These items are not needed in school and serve as distractions during class hours.  They are also potential causes for trouble.


  • iBuhat

We encourage students to carry their own bags and other belongings in school.  It is never too early to train our students, especially because they are boys expected to be gentlemen in the future, to carry and be responsible for their own things.  It is in this light that we request you to remind your son’s fetcher NOT to forcibly get your son’s things from him during dismissal time.  Our students know what to do, but there are times when it is their fetchers who do not comply.

  • Stop-Drop-Go

Please observe the 15-second rule when dropping your son at the gate.  Train your son to have all his things ready even before the car rolls to a stop near the gate.  Your strict compliance of this campaign will go a long way in easing the traffic situation around the school campus.

We welcome your thoughts. You may email your feedback and suggestions to gspo-mail@xs.edu.ph    However, please note that this openness is not a guarantee of the approval of your requests and suggestions inasmuch as we need to consider the bigger context of the school in all our decisions.

We pray for your continued support and cooperation.

Thank you,

Mrs. Jane C. Cacacho
Grade School Principal

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