Wildlife Experience in XS Nuvali

Ms. Francesca Tinio, Kinder teacher
Kinder and Grade 1 students look in awe at the huge snake. Photos by Ms. Francesca Tinio (Kinder teacher) and Mrs. Ron Tayag (Grade 1 teacher)

Have you ever wondered what kinds of animals are still out there in the wild? What if the zoo were able to go to you? Last August 14, 2015, the Kinder and Grade One students had the chance to meet some unusual friends! Ms. Isabel Garchitorena (a.k.a. Tita Isa) and her team were able to bring the wild to Xavier School Nuvali.

To add to the atmosphere and hype our little animal lovers, all the kids came in wearing the animal ears of their choice! The room was filled with elephants, rabbits, cheetahs, giraffes and more! In fact, one of the Grade One teachers came in a full shark costume. The enthusiastic Kinder and Grade One students could not keep their excitement as they filled the Multi Purpose Hall with questions, comments, and even songs about their newfound animal friends.

When asked after the show, the students could not manage to narrow their favorite animals into three. They became enamored with the lovable porcupine, which their Tita Isa said was full of spikes on its tummy to be able to protect itself. They also thought the Philippine Eagle-Owl was mysterious but also majestic as it attempted to fly, spreading its wide wings for all to see. Lastly, the cold-blooded snake, though always feared, was seen by the kids as a gentle reminder to always respect the animals’ personal space and not intrude on their habitat.

Another animal included in the show was the unforgettable Madagascar cockroach, which was placed on a teacher’s back without her knowing! This little trick filled the room with laughter and screeches! Like rats, those huge cockroaches also help keep our houses clean by taking away the dirt in our nooks and crannies.

The story of Lizzie, the lizard, was quite touching for the kids. Imagine its tail would never grow back after an unfortunate event. The students expressed a lot of emotions as they learned the story of each animal.

An hour was just not enough for the kids to get to know the animals. In that wildlife encounter, they were able to see the similarities and differences between them and their animal friends. They were able to understand the significance of having different types of animals around us, which made them grateful for all that God has created. This was the school’s objective and we could definitely say, “Mission: accomplished!”

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