DELTA: A Positive Change in the Dance Scene

by Kevin Tan (H4I) , Stallion Writer
Photos by Jerry Feng (11H), XS Media Team

July 18, 2015 marked this year’s DXhibit show­–the annual dance concert of Xavier School­–entitled, “Delta.” The event was organized by Xavier’s own dance group, Dance X, along with the DXhibit committee, headed by Mr. Darryl Sandoval and senior year student, Roland De Lara. At dusk, the concert gates opened, and people began filling in the seats at Xavier’s Rafael Cortina Sports Center. The audience consisted of high school and college students, parents, teachers, and alumni, who were all eager to watch and support the various dance groups performing.

The show began with hosts Raul Recto from Xavier School, Claire Choa from the Immaculate Conception Academy, and Charlie del Rosario from Saint Pedro Poveda College stepping onstage to officially introduce the concert. According to them, “Delta” was chosen as a title to signify the positive changes that occurred in Dance X over the years, with Delta, or ∆, being a letter of the Greek alphabet often used to mean “change.”

With Dance X being the centerpiece of the event, the concert featured numerous showcases of Xaverian talent. Dance X performed five times throughout the night, each time dancing to different songs with different styles. The Dance X members also collaborated with members of the ICA Dance Troupe, with four different collab performances for each batch. The Xaverian boy band group R-16 was also featured in the event, performing two song covers for the audience.


Aside from these Xaverian performances, the concert also saw the talents of various different dance groups from across Metro Manila. The program included performances from SQUADRA, PYT, the Lourdes School of Mandaluyong dance group, the Asia Pacific College group, Terpsichore, Indak, Kid Lightning Crew, Intensify, and the La Salle Dance Company Street. Alliance and Legit Status, two professional dance groups that have made appearances in the World Hip Hop Championships, also gave their all onstage. Additionally, the concert included performances from the Xavier School teachers and Dance X alumni, namely the Dance Chers and XDX groups respectively. The show ended with Dance X appearing in a final performance, after which, all Dance X members and DXhibit committee members gathered onstage for the curtain call, taking a bow for a job well done.

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