XS Nuvali: Safety and Security Management System

LETTERHEAD nuvali campus operations

Dear Parents,


As part of our safety and security management system, please take note of the following procedures that the school will implement starting September 1, 2015.


Only vehicles with valid Xavier School Nuvali stickers shall be allowed to enter and/or use Gate 1 for dropping off students in the morning and picking up in the afternoon. Vehicles without XSN sticker should proceed to Gate 2.


Everyone is required to follow the 20 KPH Rule once inside the campus. Parents/Fetchers are enjoined to follow the 15 Seconds Drop-Off and Pick-Up Rule of students along the driveway. The parking lot may also be used while waiting for the student/s. Fetchers are also requested to practice mindfulness in ensuring the safety of the students while they are in the parking lot.

Use of Fetcher’s ID

Please be reminded of the following:

Fetchers will be allowed to enter the dismissal area (Ramon Ang Gymnasium) upon presentation of the fetcher’s ID.

Only the person whose picture appears on the Fetcher’s ID is authorized to enter and stay at the Gym.

In cases of forgotten Fetcher’s ID, a P150.00 administrative fee will be collected for the issuance of a TEMPORARY ID.

In cases of loss of the Fetcher’s ID and/or change of fetchers, parents must inform in writing the Central Administration Office. Upon payment, a temporary ID will be issued pending processing of the new Fetcher’s ID.

We are partners in the safety and security of your children, our students. Let us help and support each other.  Thank you very much and Luceat Lux!


Mrs. Erlinda M. Manguiat
Central Administration Coordinator

Approved by:

Mrs. Arlene T. Choo

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