An Interview with First Time Officers

Mr. Russell Caynap, HS CLE teacher and GS CSL moderator
L-r: First time officers and class presidents Samuel Lindog (4A), Luis Mariano (4B), Nathan Santiago (4C).

The XSN Student Council (XSN SC) for high school and Council of Student Leaders (XSN CSL) for the grade school were formally launched this year, The first few activities included the Homeroom Elections, Leadership Training Seminar, and first ever high school SC elections. 

Here, we caught up with first time officers, Samuel Lindog, Luis Mariano, and Nathan Santiago to talk about their experiences as class presidents in their respective Grade 4 classes.

Sam Lindog: I like being an officer because I like challenging stuff.

When you first heard that your class will have homeroom elections, how did you feel?

Sam: I felt very nervous and at the same time excited because I have no idea you will become this or that. I really wanted to be an officer because my brother said it is very nice, and for me I like being a leader because I like challenging stuff.

Luis: I felt worried and I did not want to be an officer. I felt this because I thought it would be too much responsibility.

Nathan: I felt excited. I did want to become an officer because I heard you can do cool activities.

Luis Mariano: I felt very nervous [about being an officer], but now I am happy.

Luis Mariano: I felt very nervous [about being an officer], but now I am happy.

Luis, since you did not want to become an officer, how did you feel when your classmates nominated and elected you?

Luis: I felt very nervous. But now I am happy because of all the activities that I attend.

What about the others? How do you feel now that you are an officer?

Nathan: I felt shy and confused, but now I just feel confused.

Sam: I felt nervous because I thought being an officer is a very hard task, but now I feel happy as an officer.

What is it like to be a classroom officer? How do you feel about the responsibilities?

Luis: It is hard because my classmates don’t listen to me, but the activities I do are fun.

Nathan: It is like being a mini teacher. I feel nervous about the responsibilities.

Nathan Santiago: Being an officer is like being a mini teacher.

Nathan Santiago: Being an officer is like being a mini teacher.

Sam: Yes, being a class officer is like being a mini teacher—teaching. And it also gives you the opportunity to work as a group. I felt scared when I first found out what my tasks are, but then I went up and found it is actually easy.

What are some of the difficulties you’ve had as an officer? How have you dealt with them? Did your teachers help you?

Nathan: One is trying to tell my class to be quiet while the teacher is gone, and I did it by getting their attention and telling them to be quiet, and that is harder than it sounds. Mr. Caynap (our moderator) did help me because he answered questions I did not even ask yet.

Luis: It is hard making a class quiet, but the LTS helped me to make them quiet.

Sam: My difficulty is fixing the line so we can go for recess or lunch. The vice president, Leo Tayag, helped me fix the line because I always have trouble at the back, and good thing that Leo is at the back.

How did you feel about the Leadership Training Seminar? Do you think it helped you? How did it feel to stay in school overnight?

Sam: I felt weird. It helped me a lot, but I didn’t sleep well because there was too much noise.

Luis: It was fun and exciting. It was peaceful sleeping in school.

Nathan: The leadership training seminar did help me. Sleeping in school feels like sleeping in another house; it feels weird at first, but you get used to it.

Which school activities (the ones that require the participation of officers) are you looking forward to?

Nathan and Luis: The Christmas Carol Fest!

Sam: I guess I will go with the fortune cookie run because I love eating fortune cookies and the class with the most number of fortune cookies get a free pizza party, but this was from 2013, so I don’t know now.

These first time officers have been active and very responsible despite their inexperience. The school wishes them luck this year and hopes that they continue to let their light shine!

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