Obedient Like Mary

By Ms. Katrina Tomo and Ms. Joyce Alvarez, Gr2 CLE teachers
Photos by Mrs. Joal Ria S. Orqueza, Gr2 Team Leader

Every time we enter places of prayer like the Catholic churches and chapels, it is very common to see her images. These images would often remind us of two things: first, is that she is precious to Jesus and so is she to our faith. Second, her images show pure compassion and love; the very characteristics of the mother of our Lord.

Last 8 September 2015, the grade two students, together with their teachers celebrated the Nativity of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The mass was presided by Father Munching de Guzman of the Society of Jesus. In his homily, Father Munch emphasized the virtue of obedience, which surprisingly, we can learn from the beloved characters of the Minions.

Minions, according to Father Munch, are very diligent beings. Although they would often end up causing chaos, Minions are ever compassionate with what they do. Something admirable about minions is their obedience. They are in constant search for a master to obey, and they do it with innocence and happy hearts. Father Munch invites us to be like the Minions. Well, a more efficient version of them at least, that we obey our parents and God with happy hearts.

And the best role model for obedience to God? Who else but the very mother of Jesus herself, Mother Mary!

Mary, played a special role in God’s plan. She was to become the mother of God’s son. We knew who Jesus is because of Mary’s obedience to God. Mary obeyed God with a happy heart. Even if she did not really understand everything God was telling her to do, she did it with complete obedience.

Like Mary, and probably like the Minions too, young people such as ourselves are invited to follow their examples. In the little ways of Mary, we can obey God through our parents, teachers, and loved ones.

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