Being a man for others even in taekwondo

Mrs. Maan Domingo, XSN English Asst to the Department Head
XSN Athletics Coordinator Mr. Emman Nazareno acknowledges Kyle Guevarra of Gr. 3B for his achievements in taekwondo during a school assembly. Photo by Mr. Gel Domingo, XSN Student Supervisor

Kyle Guevarra, currently a Grade Three student, joined the taekwondo program of XSN when he was in Grade One. It was actually his parents’ decision for him to join the club. (Note: It was the first sports program that was offered to the XSN students.) Since he started, Kyle has earned gold, silver and bronze medals from his various tournaments.

Asked if he had lost some matches already, he said yes. He is sad about them, and there had been times when he felt that the decisions were unfair. In those cases, he had wished to have a rematch. On the other hand, he definitely feels happy about winning. Even in his victory, he can’t help but think about his opponent. He is, to some degree, concerned about how sad or hurt his opponent is about losing.

Kyle trains diligently in taekwondo. Photo from Mr. Lawrence Guevarra, Kyle's father.

Kyle trains diligently in taekwondo. Photo from Mr. Lawrence Guevarra, Kyle’s father.

Naturally, Kyle has developed the skillful stance and moves needed in taekwondo. But aside from the skills he got from the technical training, Kyle also realized that he has acquired certain virtues like self-discipline, self-control, perseverance, and sportsmanship. He cited examples like the need to accomplish his homework, study for a quiz, or when he feels upset with someone – these are just a few situations where he is learning to practice both self-discipline and self-control. For the virtue of perseverance, it is when he is faced with a task, like a quiz that is difficult. He must try and try and never give up.

Kyle’s notion of sportsmanship or being a sport is simple. He said that we should not brag about winning, and it is okay to lose at times. “Taekwondo is about being a good sport,” Kyle said. He believes that he should not use his taekwondo skills because of anger. He will only use them during training and competitions.

When he was asked about using taekwondo for self-defense, Kyle mentioned that he will only do it to defend his family. A hypothetical situation was given to him – what if the bad guy had a gun? Kyle said, “Then God will help my defense.”

According to Kyle, he can be a “man for others” even in taekwondo. He can be one by showing the younger students the correct moves during practices. He also said, “This is just a sport. We are not killing anyone.”

Kyle encourages any child who is interested to try out taekwondo. To him, it is an amazing sport. Not only will he/she gain so much skills and discipline from the training, but he/she will also gain more friends.

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