Happy Appreciation Day!

GS Head of CoP

Dear Teachers,

On this day, we just want to let you know how special you are to all of us.  You have given us the spirit to push forward and to keep running to the finish line.  You have given us hope to do our best in all the decisions we make and in all the actions we commit. 

Thank you for being our “second parents” in school.   As the SC president, I am glad to have extraordinary teachers in this school to be our friends and “buddies”.  By their simple acts, our teachers have inspired us grade school students by their good examples.  I remember that a teacher once told me, “No is not an option.  It is either you do it and succeed or you fail and try again.”  This quote has helped me and my fellow grade school students be what a Xaverian should be, and without the help of our teachers, we wouldn’t have been able to pursue this goal. 

We thank all of the teachers in Xavier School for the perseverance and commitment to education you have given all of us, your students. 

Happy A-Day!

–Joaquin S. DeGuzman, Head of the GS Council of Presidents

HS SC President

Teachers. This is the title that educators most commonly refer to themselves as they impart knowledge to their students. It’s been said over and over that there is truly more than meets the eye in the everyday life of a teacher. And yet, no matter how many times we hear it, a sense of overflowing appreciation and gratitude courses through our veins as we truly learn the amount of work our teachers really put into making sure that we learn as much as we can from them. From never-ending meetings to making adjustments to the lesson plan, to running from classroom to classroom to make it to their next class, these selfless acts of service and Magis continue to inspire students to strive for excellence.

This coming Appreciation Day, let us take this opportunity to say thank you to these amazing people who make us who we are today. As we celebrate this important day, let us show our love for our teachers who are not only educators, but also our mentors and part of our family here in Xavier.

From the bottom of our hearts, happy appreciation day chers!

–Rene Tan, HS Student Council President

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