Not All Heroes Wear Capes – XSN Celebrates A-Day

Appreciation Day celebrations took place last October 2 in Xavier School Nuvali. Photo by Mr. Gel Domingo, XSN Student Supervisor

To the heroes in our community,

You don’t wear capes as uniform nor possess supernatural powers, but you don’t need those to be what you are: HEROES.

You teach us everything from the basics to the most complex of topics, patiently explaining again and again until we understand. You keep the campus a safe and friendly environment while keeping a smiling face from morning until dismissal. You answer all our questions because you know what it’s like to be young and curious in the midst of a vast world. You tend to us and help with our problems and you show us how to care for others as well. You believe in us and in what we can do even when we start to doubt ourselves.

You are our second parents, our guardians, our mentors, our friends, and all we want to say is: THANK YOU.

Thank you for the knowledge you share, the way you care, and the love that you show in what you do. Thank you for all the time, effort, and patience. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a Xaverian: to be men and women for others, striving for Magis and excellence. You are God’s gift to us, the youth, guiding us towards a bright future. We look forward to every tomorrow, each day we grow wiser as we learn more from you.

You are heroes, not because of what you do, but because of the way you do it: full of hope, Magis, and love. Thank you, maraming salamat, 非常感谢! Happy A-Day, ‘chers!

Gyuri Cruz, Ronan Ibuna, and David Santiago
XSN High School Student Council Executive Committee

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