Mooncake dice game in XS Nuvali

Mr. Rafael Garchitorena and son Andres (Gr. 4 - Bl. Zepherin Manuncura)
All photos by Mr. Anton Diaz, XSN parent

On 26 September, the Xavier School Parents’ Auxiliary Nuvali (XSPAN) hosted its first ever school-wide Mooncake Festival dice game event at the Ramon Ang Gymnasium. The games were attended by 337 children, with every section represented. XSPAN officers Mrs. Edwina Garchitorena and Mr. Brian Ng emceed the event.

Everyone had such fun! Students were grouped into 27 tables and parents volunteered as moderators. The games started at 3pm, and were scheduled for only an hour. But some tables played for so long, and ended close to 5pm!

Apart from the hopia, first and second-prize winners received gift certificates from PowerBooks. First-prize winners got an added bonus – they took home the dice!

We sure look forward to next year’s Mooncake Festival!

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