Xavier Holds First Art Fest

by Mr. Lorenzo B. Fuentes, ARTS Department Chair
Photos provided by Mr. Lorenzo B. Fuentes, ARTS Department Chair, and his son Paolo Fuentes, who was also an exhibitor.

Last October 03, 2015, Xavier School held its very first Art Fest. The event was the brainchild of XS Batch ’90 and spearheaded by Jon Kevin Sy and Baldwin Cheung. In the initial talks between the representatives of the batch and the school, it was made known that the aim of the activity was to put up the seed money for the benefit of the retired teachers of Xavier School, the “Para Kay ‘Cher” (PKC) Fund and also for the XS Educational Trust Fund and the XS Art Program.

Launched early part of August, one highlight of the event was the Art Competition opened to all XS students. There were several categories which were divided into age brackets. For Grades 1 – 3, it was drawing. For Grades 4 – 6, the categories were drawing, oil/acrylic and watercolor. For Grades 7 – 9, 10 – H4 and the Open (Teachers and staff, alumni, parents with sons studying XS) it was drawing, watercolor, oil/acrylic or sculpture. Deadline of submission of entries was first announced as September 18, 2015 but upon the organizers’ agreement it was later moved to September 28 to give ample time to those who still wanted to join. The move proved to be beneficial to the event because a total of 50 entries were submitted in the afternoon of the last day.

The actual day, October 3, was a beautiful, sunny one considering that the previous day, classes were cancelled because of the threat of a tropical storm. There was a big turn-out of people during the whole event. Apart from the exhibit of entries, art galleries from all around were invited to display some of their collection of art works; art schools or universities with art programs were invited to put up a display, too. It started at 2:00 PM and lasted until 9 in the evening. The XS Angelo King Multi Purpose Center was the venue and also proved to be an ideal one for such an occasion since it kept people close to everything – the exhibit, the sumptuous food, and the program.

In the program, winning entries of the competition were given their awards. Students who won First place in their respective category will get the chance to celebrate with their section for part of the prizes is a pizza party for the winner’s class! Also, some of our local talents (students) got to jam during the show as they sung their selected songs for the audience.

The event is a first ever in the history of the school and there are now talks of holding a bigger and better one next year!

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